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Welcome to our Sciencefiction stories category on Epicreading, where you will find a wide variety of tales of technology, exploration, and the future. From classic hard science fiction to modern dystopian tales, our selection of science fiction stories has something for every reader.

The Last time Traveler

The ast time traveler Movie

A Time Traveler History museum had always captivated Ava. She devoured novels on mediaeval knights, ancient civilizations, and the major wars of the 20th century as a child. She loved the past, but she had...

Hybrid Evolution ( Sci-Fi Story )

Alex, a 14-year-old child with intelligence, experiment research and curiosity who is deeply interested in robots, introduces the film. In his tiny workshop
the twisted galaxy

A Twisted Galaxy

A Science Fiction Story - The year is 2075 and Earth is no longer capable of sustaining human life. The planet's resources have been depleted and the air is toxic.