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Welcome to our Fantasy Stories category on Epicreading, where you will find a wide variety of tales of magic, adventure and otherworldly realms. From classic epic fantasy to modern urban fantasy, our selection of fantasy stories has something for every reader.

Eclipsed Hope

Eclipsed Hope (Fantasy Story )

Eclipsed Hope In a realm shrouded in darkness, where the looming shadow of a powerful dark wizard named Maldrake threatened to consume all, a group of unlikely heroes emerged. They came from different walks of...
Ordinary to Extraordinary

Ordinary to Extraordinary (Fantasy)

Ordinary to Extraordinary In the mystical land of Eldoria, where magic flowed like rivers and mythical creatures roamed freely, a great tragedy had befallen the kingdom. It began on a fateful night when the twin...
external Shadow

Eternal shadows

Eternal Shadows Once upon a time, in the land of Veridia, where magic flowed through the very air people breathed, lived a young girl named Elara. But unlike others, Elara didn't possess any magical...

Fairy Lights – Crystal Lust

In a world shimmering with magic, where dreams danced upon moonbeams and fantasies breathed life, there existed a hidden realm known as the Fairy World..
Space Voyage - Machine shop

Space Machine shop

In the vast reaches of space, aboard the starship Hyperion, a crew of brave explorers embarked on a daring mission. Their goal: to traverse the unknown...
Love in the shadows

Love in the Shadows

Once upon a time, in a little mountain village, there lived a vampire named Damien. He had lived for almost two...
Fantasy Short Stories

The Cursed of the Forgotten kingdom

Princess Amara of Eldrid has always known about the curse forge that has plagued her family for generations. She has seen her older siblings succumb to it, losing their memories and identity as they turned 18 and being banished to live out their days as commoners.
ROmantic Short Stories

Echoes of Love and Revenge note

The small, secluded town was a peaceful place, with its streets lined with quaint homes and friendly locals. Everyone knew each other's names, and nothing seemed to ever change. That is, until Sarah arrived. Sarah was a stunning, fascinating woman who had seemingly appeared overnight.

A Wedding Nightmare

The new bride and groom are sitting in a car from Vishalpur in which one is Samira and the other is Akash in a very attractive romantic mood. When the car stops, Akash says come on, my dear, now let’s go to home.
Fantasy Short Stories

How to write a Fantasy Short Story | 5 secrets of success

Fantasy is a genre of literature that has enchanted readers for centuries. It’s a genre that allows readers to escape from reality and enter a world of make-believe, where anything is possible.