Love after Lockup (love story)


Love After Lockup

Alexander was a good and just king who once reigned in a distant realm. Alexander enjoyed wealth, power, and the utmost respect from his subjects. He had everything he could ever want. But despite all, he struggled to overcome a sense of loneliness.
He came upon Emily, a young servant girl, one day as he was taking a stroll in the palace gardens. She was caring to some flowers with a nice grin while knelt in front of a bed of them. Alexander lingered to observe her for a while, mesmerized by the way she appeared to treat the plants like her own children.
He went over to her out of curiosity and started talking to her. At first, Emily was reserved, but she gradually warmed to Alexander’s affable nature. Alexander was pleased by Emily’s botanical knowledge and her kind manner as they spoke about the flowers and the garden.
Alexander was pulled to Emily’s charm and beauty as they conversed. He struggled to recall the last time he had such an intense bond with someone. He felt a level of ease with her that he hadn’t felt in a long time, despite their differing social statuses and it was a sort of love after lockup.
He asked Emily if she would be prepared to show him around the garden once more before he went. Alexander experienced a rush of excitement in his chest as she nodded shyly in agreement. He was excited to explore where his relationship with this girl might go because he was aware that it had developed.
Over time, the discussions between Alexander and Emily grew deeper and more personal. They discussed everything, from their innermost worries and regrets to their aspirations and dreams. More than anything else in his day, Alexander found himself looking forward to their rendezvous in the garden.
He had never met anyone like Emily before. She displayed kindness, gentleness, and ageless wisdom. She was a servant, but despite her lowly position, Alexander appreciated the intelligence and inner power she possessed and love poems were being played in his mind.
Alexander found himself opening up to Emily in a way he had never done with anybody else as their chats grew more private. He spoke with her the demands of being the king, the expectations placed on him, and the pervasive loneliness he had always experienced. 

Emily offered words of consolation and inspiration as she listened with a sympathetic ear. She listened to him without passing judgement or attempting to capitalize on his vulnerability. Alexander started to grow in love with Emily as time went on. Not only was she physically attractive, but she was also kind and understood him on a level that no one else ever had. She recognized him for the person he really was, not simply as a king.

Alexander had feelings for Emily, but he understood that their love would never be complete. He was prohibited from being with a servant girl because of the obligations and expectations that came with being king. He was aware that pursuing his affections for Emily might spell the end of his throne and the peace of his realm. Alexander hesitated, but he couldn’t help but be drawn to Emily. He wants to get near to love seat with her, to embrace her, and to express his feelings to her. But he was aware
that it was a pipe dream. In spite of the fact that his heart continued to hurt, he decided to accept a life without her.
Alexander was beginning to feel something for Emily, but he knew their love was impossible. Even though he yearned to be with her, he was constrained by the customs and regulations of his realm and it was a sort of love after lockup type scenario. Their interactions became more strained as time passed and their chats became more cautious. Alexander was aware that he needed to keep Emily at a distance for the good of both of them.
He made an effort to concentrate on his responsibilities as king, but he couldn’t help but be sidetracked by Emily. Though he knew he couldn’t, he yearned to see her one more, speak to her, and hold her.

One day, Alexander learned that he had been asked to a ball by the queen of a nearby realm. Although he was aware that going to the ball was expected of him, he was unwilling to go. The ball would just serve to serve as a reminder of what he could never have while he was still consumed by thoughts of Emily. But he was surprised to see Emily there when he got to the ball. She was wearing a straightforward gown and had her hair up in a bun, yet she still looked stunning. Alexander’s eyes were so unbelievable. Why was Emily in this place? Had anybody else invited her?
He observed her from the other side of the room, where they were dancing. Jealousy crept into Alexander’s heart. He had no right to feel jealous of Emily, yet he was powerless to stop himself. He yearned to dance with her, to cling to her and never let her go. Emily approached him after the dancing. She had an anxious yet resolute appearance. 

She curtsied and murmured, “Your Majesty.” “I’m sorry I didn’t let you know sooner, but a sweet lady who spotted me in the garden working offered me to the ball. You coming here was completely unexpected.”
Alexander couldn’t speak, but he nodded. The sight of Emily and the intensity of his affections for her overcame him. Alexander saw that he kept being pulled to Emily as the night went on. He temporarily forgot about the outer world as they conversed and laughed. But as the evening went on, he realized he had to go. Although he knew he could never be with Emily, he could not face the idea of being apart from her and couldn’t let his story
to be just love after lockup type of thing. 

He experienced a feeling of emptiness as he left the ballroom. He was aware that Emily would always be in his heart and that he would never be able to truly express his love for her.
Alexander’s heart was troubled by the realization that his love for Emily would never be returned after the ball. As he made an effort to concentrate on his duties as king, his thoughts kept returning to her.

Weeks turned into months while days changed into weeks. Alexander attempted to ignore his love for Emily, but he was unable to do so. Every day that passed made him miss her more, and the pain in his heart got worse.
Alexander found himself looking for Emily’s companionship whenever he could, despite his best efforts to avoid her. They met covertly, stealing minutes to converse, joke, and discuss their aspirations.
Alexander was aware that their love could never be even while they were conversing. She was a maid and he was a king. Their world’s social and cultural norms forbade them from being together.
Even though he was in love with her, Alexander was aware that he could never jeopardize the security of his empire in order to satisfy his passion. So, he made the painful decision to break up with Emily with a sorrowful heart.
The toughest thing he had ever done was that. Alexander was deeply ashamed of having caused Emily’s suffering, which left her inconsolable. Although he was aware of how much he had hurt her, he could not stomach the idea of prolonging their relationship at the risk of doing even more damage. Alexander made an effort to continue living his life as time went on. In an effort to forget about Emily and the love he had lost, he immersed himself in his work.
Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but experience a sense of desire while he was working. He regretted losing Emily and the warmth and solace she had provided. As the years went by, Alexander got older. He had several offspring with the noblewoman he married, who was from a kingdom close by. Even as he used power and intelligence to lead his kingdom, he was aware that Emily would always hold a special place in his heart.

Alexander had one last thought of Emily as he lay on his deathbed in the company of his family. He grinned as he closed his eyes and visualized her next to him, holding his hand. He understood that he had loved and been loved at that same time, even though it was an unfulfilled love.

The End.


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