Mystery of the Cemetery

Why do you not come outside of your room? What is going on with you? Her mom got home early from work today and decided to have some bonding time with her daughter. 

Nothing is wrong with me, you got home early today doesn’t mean you have to sit here and start being a perfect mother out of nowhere! She yelled, placed the mystery novel aside she was reading. 


This is what you do instead of studying? His father was standing in front of him yelling at him with the weed he found from his room in his hand. 

Why do you care dad? At last he spoke. You don’t care about anything else of my studies, I’m doing fine in studies then why are you trying to act like you have concerns about my life out of studies? Let me do it my way, I have been doing it for years now. He stood up in anger and walked out. Maybe a walk could help?


Hi! My name is Ivy and I am a f**ked up white girl with anger issues. I am seventeen and I love to read novels (mystery stories).  You must be thinking I am a spoiled brat but, that’s not hundred percent true I was not like this forever. My mother is always at work and my dad … I don’t know exactly why he left us years ago. Mom doesn’t really know about anything going on in my life but, I don’t know why sometimes she acts like she does when she knows nothing really. When someone hasn’t been there for you, specially parents, you teach yourself to handle everything on your own. That’s what I did. 

My philosophy about life is “It’s a pit hole of disappointments and a treasure of depression for young people, also being a loner is easier here”


And I am Kai! Yeah the black guy who smokes weed, you need something to divert your mind from your stressful life sometimes, weed helps me with that. My dad is a teacher, actually the headmaster at my school. His life revolves around good grades, he thinks good grades will make me happy and nothing else will, and my mom? She stays in the kitchen or at some kitty parties.  Dad was always involved in the matters of my study but, he never tried to ask anything else… I wanted him to be my best friend. When you have to do it alone you learn how to. That’s what I


My philosophy about life is “it’s nothing but an illusion, but we still need someone to love us to survive in this illusion.

Ivy after leaving her house in anger started walking down the street. She was headed somewhere, she took her mobile phone out of her pocket and texted Kai.

Kai reached at their point before her as usual. It was a hill little outside the town, near the cemetery of town. Very less people went there without any purpose that’s why ivy and Kai made it their point. 

He was sitting on rock, waiting for her to reach there. He met her at school a year ago, became friends. Ivy used to consider Kai as a character of the mystery stories, who is always hiding something in his heart maybe some kind of regrets? Somehow they both had family issues and were very much alike she was 16 at that time and he was 17. 

He saw her coming from far, it wasn’t dark yet.

You are a turtle Ivy, he joked.

Sure I am! I came running and still I am the second one to reach, she agreed.

And you know what? You seem to be one of the characters from the mystery novels I have read, the guy who is always hiding something, she replied.

What’s the thing that made you believe this? Kai asked

I am just like you and yes there is something I’m always hiding in my mysterious mind and who knows, the second character of my mystery story might be you?

Anyways, how was your day? He asked

Shitty as usual, mom was trying to behave like an actual mom today. But the problem is that behavior doesn’t seem familiar to me anymore, it seems like she is just acting? There was sadness in her voice. Anyways, How was your day? 

Dad found the weed I hid in my room today and his response was quite fatherly and that was strange. But you know what Ivy I don’t care anymore if he is mad at me or not. He opened his bag while saying this. 

Here you go, he handed her a cigarette. It was probably a weed one.                               



It was getting dark now and they were still sitting there at their point.

You know when dad left I cried whole night but I never told anyone about it. I was hurt he was supposed to stay; he knew mom was a workaholic and that she will not take care of me. He was the only person I could talk to about anything and he still left. After him there is no-one except the mystery novels which I can use to divert my attentions. She was telling him, there was pain in her voice.

Sometimes I think what if we were never born, maybe our parents would’ve been happier without us. He was worried about my studies today after he found weed, but he did not ask me why I had that weed and why I started doing that as if I am not his son but grades and books are. He replied.

Why was life supposed to be like this? Why couldn’t our parents and our friends treat us like normal humans and stop having so high expectations from us. 

They were just kids who were asked to behave like adults when all they needed was love and care.

 Oh hey I got something new today you want to try? 

Yeah sure what is it? Ivy asked she was curious.

These are some I don’t know candies or something my dealer gave these to me he said these are good but we shouldn’t take more than five at a time. Kai was checking those candy type things and telling her.

Okay we can try maybe we will feel better? 

He handed her two pills/candies and placed two on his palm for himself.

They took them.

I feel dizzy but light, Ivy said in a sleepy voice.

Same Ivy, I am feeling same and I like it, Kai smiled.




Hiya! Kai tapped on Ivy’s shoulder.

Hi Kai how are you? Ivy asked.

I am fine, I came to ask if you want to go get food after school? Kai asked  Yes, sure wait for me near the bus stop I will be there, Ivy said.

At the bus stop they met and started walking while talking to each other. 

I need a sandwich what about you Kai? She asked

I will also have a sandwich, he said 

They got sandwiches for themselves and did not sit down there but kept walking. They were walking towards their meeting point on the hill near the cemetery. 

Is everything ok? She asked.

No nothing is okay! he spoke as if he was waiting for her to ask.

What happened? 

They had reached their point, he sat down and looked into her eyes.

Dad wants to send me out of town for better studies, he said.

But… you can’t leave! What will I do without you here? She was truly worried.

Listen, Ivy I don’t know what to do he is forcing me into it, I told him I don’t want to go and then I left for school. He knew Ivy will be hurt if he leaves.

Both of them went silent.

Her phone rang, it was her mom.

Hi mom, what’s up?  She asked.

Come home right now Ivy, her mom seemed angry.

She hung up the call. Ivy was shocked and was thinking about anything she might done wrong the whole day. But there was nothing she did.

Kai I need to go right now; I will be back here can you wait for me? She asked and handed him with one of her favorite mystery novels to read.

Yes, I can wait, is everything alright? He inquired.

I don’t know but, mom seemed angry so I have to go home right now. And she went away, she was almost running. He watched her leave until he could no more.                         



Door of her house was open, she entered looking for her mother. 

Her mother was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Ivy! Come here and sit down.

Ivy’s doubt was real her mom was actually angry. She sat down in front of her.

What happened mom? 

Nothing serious just got a call from your school. Ivy knew her mom was being sarcastic.

And? Ivy wanted her to continue.

And they told me that my genius daughter has failed in four subject! She yelled.

Ivy’s face changed colors.

Also, they told me that you’ve been skipping classes! Her mom was angry, but, so was she.

And why are you worried about it? Ivy asked.

Because I am your mother? She replied

I wish you acted like one from the start. And then Ivy stood up and she knew where she wanted to go.

So you are just going to leave once again? I am worried about you Ivy, her mother screamed from behind but she acted like she didn’t hear her and left.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks. 

She never wanted her life to be like this, life was not good since her dad left.

She kept thinking what did she do to deserve an incomplete family, but nothing came up as an answer. 

She was running towards the hill.




He was still sitting there on the hill near the cemetery, reading one of the mystery stories. He knew she will come back. 

In his head he was talking to himself .

What would have happened if mine and Ivy’s lives were normal like the kids at school, we could’ve been happier and better. 

He was thinking and heard steps coming closer he smiled. He knew it was Ivy.

But when he looked up and saw her crying he got worried and asked.

What happened? He was concerned.

She told him the whole story and kept crying.

Suddenly she asked him if he had those candies?

Yes, I have some, he replied.

Can I get some? She asked

He started finding them in his bag and almost twenty-five of them came out.

Here … he spread his palm in front of her.

I don’t think it will be bad if we take a little more this time. She said.

I guess so, two didn’t make us very dizzy that day, but, we should be careful. He said.

Okay let’s just start with three today. She grabbed half of them.

Okay sure, he agreed.




Two teenagers were found dead near the cemetery today morning! Police says that the reason of death was overdose of drugs. The news reporter was telling the whole town about the sad news. 

Ivy? She was shocked to her very core, it was her daughter’s picture on the screen she couldn’t believe it, she ran out of home and sat in her car and drove to the scene as soon as she could.

There was police and news reporters, she was hoping for this news to not to be true. She was hoping for one more time she could see her daughter and act like a real mother with her. But, all her hopes faded away when she saw the dead body of Ivy.

Today was too late to care.




He got a call from police, they told them his son’s body was found near the cemetery. Phone fell down from his hand he was shaking. He couldn’t believe his son was gone.

It cannot be Kai, no he can’t be. He was crying and screaming.

But it was Kai and he wasn’t alive any more.

And today was too late as Kai was gone creating a bulk of mysterious scenarios in his father’s mind.




 They took three and three more later and three more candies until all candies were finished.

They were lost and were lying on the ground still breathing facing the cemetery, it was getting dark, night had come so did death, they held each other’s hands. 

It got darker and their minds and their hearts stopped working gradually. Their eyes were open they were staring the cemetery, as if that was their new meeting point but without the drugs.

The end.