The Average is always wrong by Ian Shepherd free PDF

The Average is Always Wrong by Ian Shepherd
PUBLISHER:Harriman House Publishing
GENRES:Popular science, Mathematics Education
AUTHORS:Ian Shepherd
PAGES:236 pages
TAGS:Popular science, Mathematics Education, Amazon UK

A Fun Book: “The Average Is Always Wrong” by Ian Shepherd

Have you ever thought about what “average” means? Well, in a book called “The Average Is Always Wrong” by Ian Shepherd, you can learn all about it. Let’s take a journey through this book together!

First, let’s talk about the author, Ian Shepherd. He is a smart person who knows a lot about numbers and how they work. In this book, he shares his knowledge in a fun and easy way.

The book tells us that “average” is not always right. Sometimes, it can be tricky and misleading. Imagine you have five friends, and you want to know how tall they are. You might find the average height by adding up all their heights and dividing by five. But what if one of your friends is tall and the others are short? Then the average might not represent how tall your friends are.

Ian Shepherd explains this idea using stories, pictures, and easy-to-understand examples. He shows us how averages can hide important information and lead us to wrong conclusions. But don’t worry! He also teaches us how to be smart about using averages and understand when they might not be the best way to look at things.

This book is great for anyone who wants to learn about numbers and how they work in the real world. You don’t need to be a math genius to understand it. Ian Shepherd makes everything simple and fun!

So, if you’re curious about averages and want to learn something new, just download a copy of “The Average Is Always Wrong” by Ian Shepherd. You’ll have a great time exploring the world of numbers and discovering why the average is not always right!

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