A Love Too Fragile to Last(love after lockup)


It was a rainy afternoon, and Sarah found herself seeking refuge in a cozy coffee shop. She placed an order for her preferred hot chocolate and chose a seat by the window. She savored each sip of her warm beverage as she listened to the rains’ soothing drumming on the glass.

Unexpectedly, a man entered, removing the rains off his coat as he did so. Sarah was sitting alone when he turned to glance around. He walked over to her and requested a seat at her table. The request from the man caught Sarah off guard, but she gave him a warm grin in response as if it was some sort of love after lockup.

John was the man’s name, and they immediately struck up a conversation. They discovered they shared a lot of interests in common, such as their enthusiasm for trekking and love of hot chocolate. Sarah found herself laughing at John’s jokes because of his charm and wit.

They made the decision to linger a little bit longer at the coffee shop as the weather got worse outside. They spoke for hours, exchanging dreams and goals. Sarah connected with John in a way she had never felt before.

John enquired about her phone number when it came time to leave. After a brief moment of hesitation, Sarah gave it to him. She couldn’t help but be enthusiastic at the prospect of seeing him again as they parted ways, love after lockup type of thing.

The days that followed saw constant texting between John and Sarah. They had a bottle of wine together on their first date at a quiet Italian restaurant. They had an undeniable chemistry, and they both thought they had found something great.

John and Sarah became inseparable after that. They prepared dinner together, watched movies on the couch, and took long strolls in the park. Both of them were aware that they were in love. Sarah knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with John because she had never felt happier or more content in her life.

She had no idea that their once-promising love story would take a turn for the worst, leading to their separation and heartache.


The bond between John and Sarah was intense and passionate. Together, they explored the city and tried new things during their free time. They attended concerts, visited art galleries, and took weekend trips. They were utterly in love with one another and couldn’t bear to be apart.

But as time passed, relationship fissures became apparent. Their disputes began to escalate into fights as they began to argue more frequently. They struggled to establish common ground because they held divergent opinions regarding significant matters. John was more concerned with his work, but Sarah wanted to settle down and have a family.

When their arguments increased in frequency, Sarah began to worry that she was losing John. She was baffled as to why he grew cold. She made several attempts to speak with him, but he continually cut her off and refused to talk about their issues.

John and Sarah made an effort to make things work despite their problems. They read self-help books, attended couples therapy, and made an effort to communicate better. But it appeared as though their relationship was slipping away.

When Sarah returned from work one day, she saw John on the couch, gazing off into space. She was aware of the issue. He was seated next to her while she questioned him about the situation. John inhaled deeply before telling her that he was moving since he had been offered a job in another nation. Sarah was in disbelief and shocked by what she was hearing.

Sarah was dubious when John tried to convince her that he still cared about her and wanted to make their relationship work apart. She didn’t want to experience the love after lockup type scenario or the sorrow of being apart from him because she was aware of how difficult it was to maintain a relationship from a distance. She begged him to stay, but John was adamant about accepting the position.

When their bond grew strained, Sarah had a sense of uncertainty. She wasn’t sure whether to cling to her optimism or let go of their love. Sarah was left alone, devastated, and confused of what to do after John went without saying goodbye.

She threw herself into her career and her friendships in an effort to divert her attention from her suffering and a heartbreak hill. But wherever she went, she couldn’t help but think of John. His smell, his humor, and his touch were all missed. She made an effort to forget him, but it was difficult. She didn’t know how to move on because the love they once had had turned into a burden.

As the weeks and months passed, Sarah began to suspect that perhaps their love was too frail to endure. Though they had made every effort to make it work, sometimes love isn’t enough. The idea of starting anew terrified her, but she knew it was time to let go and go on.




Sarah made an effort to move on from John, but it seemed like she was taking two steps back for every one she took. When she thought she was moving forward, a song on the radio or a couple holding hands on the street would suddenly make her think of him.

In an effort to find someone to satisfy the gap John had left in her heart, she began going on dates. But compared to him, everyone she met seemed insignificant. It was easier said than done for her to start living in the present and let go of the past.

Sarah got a call from John one day. She was taken aback to hear from him and anxious about his potential comments. He expressed regret for not saying goodbye and for being absent when she needed him. He assured her of his continued affection for her and his desire to make things work.

Sarah had mixed feelings. She continued to love John and yearned for the life they had together, but on the other hand. On the other hand, she was aware that their separation and divergent priorities would always provide a challenge.

She made the choice to meet with John in the hopes that they could discuss the situation and come up with a solution. John greeted them in a park with a bouquet of flowers. They conversed for hours, sharing memories of the past and speculating about the future.

But as the day went on, Sarah came to the conclusion that nothing had altered. Sarah still desired to have children, while John was still preoccupied with his profession. Sarah understood that she couldn’t keep going back and forth with him because they were at a standstill.

She informed John that she needed to start a new chapter in her life and move on. He was heartbroken, but he concurred. When they hugged, Sarah experienced a sense of closure that she had never experienced before.

Sarah realized it was time to embark on a new path and discover love and happiness in a way that was authentic to her as she stepped away from John. Though she had no idea what lay ahead, she felt confident in her capacity to handle it on her own.

Months moved into years, and Sarah began a family with a partner who possessed the same objectives and beliefs as she did. Though she had pleasant memories of her time spent with John, she was aware that it was time to move on from the past and focus on the present. Though she was appreciative of the knowledge she had gained and the memories she had created, she was eager to begin a new phase of her life.



Months went by, and Sarah tried to move on. She dated other people, but no one could compare to John. She started to wonder if she would ever find love again. One day, she received a letter from John. He apologized for leaving without saying goodbye and explained that he had been going through a tough time. He realized how much he loved her and wanted to try again. Sarah was overjoyed and agreed to meet him. But when they reunited, it was clear that things had changed. The spark was gone, and they couldn’t rekindle their love. They parted ways for good, and Sarah was left with a broken heart, it was a mere love after lockup type of scenario for her. Songs for heartbreak were her only loyal companion afterwards.


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