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Welcome to our Crime Stories category on Epicreading, where you will find a wide variety of thrilling tales of mystery, suspense and criminal activity. From classic detective stories to modern crime dramas, our selection of crime stories has something for every reader.

Shady Love – A Crime scene

In this unusual café, two couples with vastly different interests found themselves entwined in a fate they could never have anticipated. The first couple, Finn...
The Crimestoppers Code: Casino Extreme's Secret Gambit

The crimestoppers code (Crime)

It was Agent Smith, a trusted member of the Crimestoppers organization. Smith had been Thompson's ally in previous investigations, and the detective knew him...
A crime stoppers web

A crimestoppers web

Detective Emily Jones sat in her office at the precinct, staring at the whiteboard in front of her. It was covered in photographs and notes related to the ca...

Escaping the shadows – Addiction for gambling

Addiction for gambling As Jake sat in his prison cell, he pondered about how he had gotten involved in the destructive world of criminal activities. He remembered how it all started when he discovered his...
Gambling sites, Gambling Uk sites

Mystery Gamblers – Gambling sites

Detective Alex Rodriguez sat at his desk, scrolling through his usual feeds on his computer when he noticed something peculiar. A sudden surge of online gamb...
Gambling Board

The Last Chance – A Gambling Addiction

John had lost everything in his life due to his addiction to gambling sites. His wife had left him, he had lost his job, and he had been kicked out of his ho...

 Escape the room (crime story)

Escape the room  A Thrilling Tale of Greed and Betrayal The clock was ticking as the four men sat in the van outside the bank, finalizing their plan, a plan to escape...

Tales Of The Heart (Mystery)

On his Island, he was the king and well-known for his bravery and commanding nature. He was the head of the mafia and underworld and his journey had many folds which starts from the...

Rip Sage

The door lock clicked in the silence of her apartment. She entered and closed the door. She looked exhausted, but maybe her soul was more exhausted. She thre...
Crime Short Stories

Last Video Call (Crime Story)

James and Ruby were close friends and used to study in the same college. James moved to a new city a few days ago and due to some work stuff he could not con...