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Welcome to our Horror Stories category on Epicreading, where you will find a wide variety of terrifying tales to keep you up at night. From classic ghost stories to modern psychological horror, our selection of horror stories has something for every reader.

Black Monster terror

Black Monster terror (Horror)

Black Monster terror The moon hung ominously in the midnight sky as a young couple, Mark and Emily, arrived at the dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of town. They had heard rumors of its haunted...
terror bird

Terror Bird (Horror Story)

Terror Bird The moon hung high in the pitch-black sky, its pale light casting strange shadows upon the desolate town below. The air was heavy with anticipation, as if it could sense the terror that...
Fright Fest

Fright Fest

In the heart of Oakwood, a town shrouded in the mysteries of the supernatural, the arrival of Fright Fest infused the air with a potent blend of excitement a...

24Hours in Police Custody

24 Hours in Police Custody Detective Sarah Miller had been called to the scene of a gruesome murder. The body lay sprawled on the floor of a small apartment, the victim’s lifeless eyes staring up...

Ghosts Cast

Ghosts Cast Deep in the heart of Ravenwood, the film production team continued their daring project, “Ghosts Cast,” despite the increasingly sinister events taking place within the haunted mansion. The crew was gripped with a...

Pixels to Spirits (Ghost whisperer)

Pixels to Spirits - Ghost whisperer Once upon a time, in a world connected by the magic of the internet, there were two distant lovers named Amelia and Benjamin. Despite living miles apart, they discovered...

Mystery ranch (Horror Story)

Emma’s life had always been a delicate tapestry of half-truths and hidden lies, woven carefully to shield her from the crue...

Casino Extreme

Casino Extreme Jacob stared at the invitation he had just received from the Casino Extreme. He was taken aback by how peculiar it looked, as if it had been handwritten. He loved the rush of...
A camp redwood

A camp redwood, American horror story 1984

American horror story 1984 ( horror movie ) A Camp Redwood It was a hot summer evening in 1984 when a group of teenagers packed their bags and set out on a road trip to the...
Love's deadly obsession

Love is deadly obsession

She first encountered Jack during one of her visits to the city. He entered the coffee establishment where she was attending to her own business.