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Welcome to our Horror Stories category on Epicreading, where you will find a wide variety of terrifying tales to keep you up at night. From classic ghost stories to modern psychological horror, our selection of horror stories has something for every reader.

Horror Short stories

The Wise Lunatic (Horror)

The Wise Lunatic My room in the mental asylum was not that bad, it was a different thing that the windows were sealed with bars, just like the bars in a jail. I was not...

Rip Sage

The door lock clicked in the silence of her apartment. She entered and closed the door. She looked exhausted, but maybe her soul was more exhausted. She thre...
Crime Short Stories

Last Video Call (Crime Story)

James and Ruby were close friends and used to study in the same college. James moved to a new city a few days ago and due to some work stuff he could not con...

That Horrible Night

It was a Saturday night and Emily was busy attending a party arranged by her Fiancé. After that she called her roommate, Eliza and after trying several times...

The Mask (Mystery, Horror Story)

The Mask This is the story of a 15 year old boy named Harry who was living peacefully with his family. He belonged to a very rich family and was the only son of his...