Love Never Dies


A girl lived in Turkey. Her name was Sasha. She was about twenty years. She had blue eyes and freckled cheeks. She had beautiful long hair. She was smart and higher. She lived with her Father. She was a very modern girl. She studied at Istanbul university. She was not an intelligent student but she was a champion in swimming. Her Father was a Doctor. His name was Dr.Arise. He was a very strict man. He was a billionaire. Sasha lived a luxurious life. Shadrick was a boy. And he was a classmate of Sasha. They both were best friends . Shadrick was the best football player. One day there was a football match and Shadrick went to play. Sasha also went into the playground for cheering up Shadrick. Both teams had come together on the playground. The match had started. Shadrick and his team were playing football very well. Sasha was cheering up Shadrick. A boy was playing well against Shadrick. His name was Bryan. Sasha got angry with Bryan because he played well against her best friend. Bryan passed a smile to Sasha while playing. Sasha stared at Bryan in  full angry mood. Finally, Bryan and his team won the match, and Shadrick losed the match. Bryan again passed a smile to Sasha. Sasha got angry.

Shadrick and Sasha leave the match in anger. After some days there was a swimming competition at University. Bryan and his friends came to see the competition. Suddenly, Bryan saw a girl who was swimming very fast. She was Sasha. Bryan looked at Sasha continuously, she was lookvery nice. Bryan fell in love with Sasha. Sasha had won the competition. Bryan said Hello “Sasha” “Congrats”. He said can we take tea together? Sasha said yeah sure. It was a second meet-up.

Every day Bryan thought about Sasha. Similarly, Sasha also thought about Brine. They met up daily. Sasha and Bryan loved each other. They spent the most time with each other. As time, their love increased in their storyline and everything was adding up to the love between them. One day Sasha’s father(Dr. Aires) talked about Sasha’s marriage to their Canadian Friend’s Son. His son’s name was David. Dr.Aries wanted to marry David with his daughter(Sasha). But Sasha wanted to marry Bryan. Bryan was a poor boy. He belonged to a poor family,  that’s why Dr.Arise said Bryan not able to married my richest daughter Sasha. Dr. Aries forcibly took his daughter Sasha to Canada for marriage. Dr.Arise say to his daughter Sasha that if he loves her so much, he will come to Canada after you. If he comes before your marriage, I will marry you to him.

As soon as Bryan finds out she is getting married she tells him to come to London after three months. If he comes, the wedding will canceled. A young lover Bryan who preserves great alters his life’s course to follow Sasha. He believes it to be his soulmate. Start his journey, having a plan of spanning across continents. Bryan even don’t have much money to pay for the expenses of tickets. He planned to go with the local travelers. Started his journey was not easy at all. The bus leaves the locals at the border from where they leave for Canada. With the desire to get his love.

UNFORTUNATELY…!Bryan was captured by the Canadian police. His case of departure to his country is under the officer Mr.Aaron.He belongs to the same country as Bryan does. Bryan asked Mr.Aaron for help and told him how much he loved Sasha, even can’t imagine his life without her. At once officer, Aaron ignored Bryan’s emotions whiled passing the bridge officer told him that London had just arrived by crossing this sea. Bryan didn’t even think about any danger and suddenly ran from the moving car as it slowed down in traffic and jumped into the sea and started swimming to reach London as fast as he could. But after some miles of swimming in cold water, he losed his senses and started downing in the sea while beinged rescued by the rescue team. After this incident and seeing Bryan’s passion, the officer decided to help him to reach London before Sasha’s marriage. He makes a brilliant plan of making a fake identity of himself. To take Bryan with him to London. On the very next day, they bought a flight to London. They reached the airport,  Mean while Higher authority doubted that officer Aaron made someone fake identity and reached the airport at the time of take-off to London. Bryan is in hurry hide in the main landing gears(airplane wheel) with a dream of his love. In London,  Sasha desperately waited for Bryan when she came to know how much he struggled to be her told by officer Aaron the last time when officer talked to her to tell about his condition after the drawing incident.

Finally, the flight had reached London!

Wedding preparations are going on. She was wearing a bridal dress and looks so pretty. Waiting for her love Bryan. Bryan entered her house and the two looked into each other’s eyes. Love

She runs desperately towards Bryan and hugs him tightly, this was just imagination.

In reality, He Died At high altitudes due to low pressure and temperature, Bryan had lost his senses. And Fall when the Landing gears(airplane wheel) were open.

Officer bring his bag to Sasha and told her about Brine’s death with a heavy heart…! She was shocked. Having tears in her eyes lost her senses after hearing this News.

She never forgot Brine’s love. Spend her whole life just on behalf of his memories and in her own storyland in which she was more than satisfied and that’s how their Romantic love story came to an end.

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