Tales Of The Heart (Mystery)


On his Island, he was the king and well-known for his bravery and commanding nature. He was the head of the mafia and underworld and his journey had many folds which starts from the day when his father was killed by the police in an accident although he was innocent and clear. That day Jimmy decided to pave his path towards the black world as he thought that straight and clear path  could lead you to nowhere but grave. like in crime story

Ahahaha! You thought you could escape from me. Jimmy shouted at the Gardner who had stolen and expensive necklace from his wife’s room.


Sir, I’m sorry. I was left helpless and had to do something to get my mom operated in the hospital as her surgery was imminent otherwise she’d had died that day. Gardner said while he was about to be severed from the neck.

Jimmy noded his head as if the voice of that pity gardener didn’t reached his senses and order his servants to do the proceedings and let the gardner meet his God sooner.

The routine of Jimmy was so pathetic that it was very hard for him to manage time for his love life. There’s a crisp in Jimmy’s crime story as he met a beautiful person Emma, two years back when he was on a visit to Sydney, Australia. She was serving as bartender in a club and Jimmy couldn’t resist himself with falling into Emma’s love. They dated for almost a year and had many folds in their romantic story and ultimately decided to get married. Emma liked Jimmy for his sound nature and Jimmy’s list to like Emma was unexplainable. Jimmy had booked a separate mansion for Emma as he wanted her to stay away from his black world and deeds. Days passed and Emma had to survive without seeing Jimmy for upto months as he was busy with his pathetic routine in his own made crime story.

Where were you? I’ve been calling since Thursday and it’s been more than one week. Is this how you gonna be treating me Jimmy? It was Emma’s voice on the other side of the phone call.

Oh my dear, I was just busy in business meetings with some foreigners. Jimmy replied

That’s not an excuse Jimmy. If I had known earlier about this pathetic treatment of you towards me I would have thought thousands of time before hoping into a marriage contract with you Mr Jimmy. What about all those promises you’ve made to me before our marriage, it’s just pathetic. She shouted at him

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Calm down honey, I was stuck somewhere due to which I couldn’t get in touch with you, Jimmy replied.

Huh! Anyways, I reached out to you to tell that I’m going for a stay at my aunt’s place in dubai. Daniel is also back home and Aunt Linda was insisting me to stay at their place and spend some quality time with them, Emma said to Jimmy.

Sure honey, you can stay there and Infact I would get the passport and visa done for you, just let me know about the dates whenever you are good to go Emma.

Emma cut the call and started to plan her journey to dubai. Jimmy also went busy into his workload. Day’s later Jimmy received an notification email from some unknown source and he marked it as unread for safety concerns. To his shock, when he opened that email he couldn’t stand properly and his hands were shivering. It was Emma’s leaked photos and videos with her cousin Daniel. Jimmy couldn’t believe his eyes and was shocked to the fullest as he thought that it’s an end to his romantic story.

Days passed and finally the day arrived when Emma told Jimmy that she is coming back home. Jimmy knew all what happened there but Emma had no clue about that. Jimmy’s behavior was strange and Emma couldn’t figure out what had went wrong in these two months. She tried her best to get to know what was going on but was left clueless.

It was a dusky evening of January, Jimmy furiously thrashed the door and held Emma from her neck like he was just about to kill her and started kissing her intimately while grabing her hands tightly. At first Emma couldn’t get a clue about this strange treatment of Jimmy towards her.

You are hurting me Jimmy, what is this… Stop, you rascal, Emma shouted.

It’s hurting you baby! That didn’t hurt you when Daniel did the same? He inquired


             (Emma couldn’t remain in her senses after hearing all this stuff)

What? What are you talking about? She sounded highly strung

Yeah the same treatment which was given to you buy Daniel, don’t you remember darling? Let me show you the 1.16gb data of your meetings.. You bitch! I will kill you. Jimmy held her tight from her neck and threw her on the table.

Jimmy! Are you mad? Emma shouted

Yes I’m! I was blind in your love and this is how you gonna treat me, pathetic. Jimmy pushed himself towards the corner of a wall and sat down as he was totally lost in strange thoughts.

You broke my trust. I gave you everything, a good lifestyle, my love, emotional and moral support and you know what, I love you the most and this is what I had in return from you Emma. Jimmy added

I’m extremely sorry, it was just a weak moment. I’m ashamed of that Jimmy, forgive me please. Emma replied

Days passed and things weren’t much normal among both of them. Jimmy started to ignore Emma and she also didn’t seemed much interested in Jimmy anymore. She had talked to Daniel and she decided to file a divorce and end up this so called marriage and fake romantic story with Jimmy.

It was a charming sunset on the seaside of the island where Jimmy was spending some quality time on 14th of February. It was the same day when Jimmy proposed Emma for the very first time and the place was same as well. Jimmy made a call to Emma and asked her to reach that place in a hurry. Emma got the car and went out to meet Jimmy, maybe for the last time and to bade him a final goodbye. She was clear in her mind to talk to Jimmy about their divorce and her will to marry Daniel. As she reached that place, she saw the same structures and a beautiful decore set-up by Jimmy for her. She was stunned and her steps were crumbling as she was heading towards Jimmy, memories and flashbacks were crossing her mind. Her first meeting with Jimmy and all the beautiful memories they had together flashed through her mind.

So you are here my beautiful dearest wife, Emma. You are the love of my life and the first lady in my wife for whom I started to change. I love you to the core of my heart. Here are your favorite Orchids, I ordered for you Emma. He said while bending on one knee.

Emma couldn’t resist herself from saying A “ yes”. She surrendered herself in front of Jimmy’s love and had her mind clear that she would spend the rest of her life with Jimmy and Daniel was nowhere and was just a mistake of her life.

Tell me one thing Jimmy! Emma inquired

Yes sweetheart. Jimmy responded

You never thought that I would leave you? Or maybe one day we will not be together! You never forced me to stay with you, why is that? She asked

Jimmy gave a smirk and said,


” If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”