That Horrible Night


It was a Saturday night and Emily was busy attending a party arranged by her Fiancé. After that she called her roommate, Eliza and after trying several times there was no response.

“Hello! Yes Emily?” It was Eliza on the other side of the phone.

“Eliza I’m free now. Are you coming to pick me up?” Emily questioned

“Emily it’s 1 pm already and I’ve a really important meeting in the morning. Can you see some other option? Look there is a bus service nearby that operates from fancy street to our hostel. If you reach there by 2 you will manage to get that.” Eliza replied

“Okay sure.” Emily said and started walking towards the station.

It was dark and the roads were empty. While walking all of the horror stories she had heard were crossing her mind, some sort of horror characters maybe. Somehow she tried to divert her attention from that and started to take large steps to reach the station real quick.

At the station she heard some weird type of voices or maybe it was just an illusion to her. She felt like someone is chasing her from the party.

“Uaaagh!!! Muuuuhhh!! Noooo please No!” There were screams of a small child and some typical animal roars. She saw a shadow of some strange thing  behind her.

Finally the bus arrived and she rushed into it without wasting a second. She was feeling comfortable around other passengers and tried to calm herself. Emily reached the station and started to walk towards the hostel which was 10 minutes away from the bus station. She was just walking with her head erect as someone from behind is screaming: “Look behind you! It’s me, don’t you remember?”

When she turned there was no-one. Finally she reached the hostel and was frightened out of her wits until she reached her apartment and the lights went off.

Suddenly she became unconscious and fell on the ground.

“Are you okay?” Eliza was worried about her

(She managed a glass of water for Emily to calm her down)

“What happened?” Emily asked

“You was lying on the ground completely unconscious. The guard and I managed to shift you in the room. Tell me what happened?” Eliza inquired her

“He was in the lift.” She said

“Who was in the lift? Is everything fine.” Eliza asked

“James! He was in the lift.” Emily said while taking a short breath.

“Oh come-on! He is dead and you are saying that he was in the lift. Listen my dear you have completely lost your mind. I am tired of repeating the same thing again and again. He died 6 months ago and you are still stuck at that.” Eliza was furious at her

“Then why does he follow me! Why he doesn’t leave me alone? It was just and accident. I did nothing, trust me.” Emily broke into tears

“It’s just your illusion nothing else. I think you might consult a psychiatrist.” Eliza said

“No-one will listen to me ever. I am not going anywhere, just get that.” Emily said to her

“It’s up to you but tomorrow I will let your mom know about all these happenings. She will do something about your case.” Eliza said

“Listen to me! You are not going to tell a single word to anyone. It’s my problem and let me go through it alone. I will be fine soon.” Emily said

James was a simple and a down to earth man who was not attracted by the glamorous world. He and Emily were together and James loved Emily by his heart. He would have gone to any extent just to bring a smile on Emily’s face and she was well aware of this thing. On the other hand she was always arrogant and rude with him. It was James who was putting efforts into his relationship and it seemed like Emily doesn’t give a shit about that. She was just a selfish girl who’s major concern was “she” herself. Emily always used James for her own purposes and never cared about his feelings or whatever.

On the eve of Christmas Emily borrowed a car from her friend and made a plan to go the party at the hill station with James. This party was just very special for her but James was not interested at all as he was having a very important university assignment the next day. But Emily could not hear a “no” so he had to surrender. James could not afford to spoil Emily’s day and always wanted to make her happy and feel comfortable around him.

The weather was very harsh that night and there was a continual snowfall. Emily switched the gears and crossed the speed limits. She turned on the radio and there was some old man who was addressing the audience.

“Are you bored of the usual busy routine? Come-on let’s enjoy some short horror tales.” The old man said

These radio stations have nothing to play these days. Emily reached the button and turned off the radio.

“Emily you should drive slow. It’s snow everywhere and it’s not safe to drive at this pace.” James warned Emily

Emily stared at James as if he is some sort of his enemy

“You always do this. If you have a problem with me or my car just get the hell out of my car, you coward.” Emily said and thrashed her hand on the steering.

“Slow down the car otherwise we may meet an accident or anything can happen. I have to go to home earlier to get my assignment done.” James said while looking into Emily’s eyes

“You only care about your shitty assignment and you have nothing to do with my plans. Is this how you treat your loved ones?” Emily’s face was red with anger

“Just get out of the car right now.” Emily shouted

“Wait.. Wo we , look I am sorry. You are right, I was acting really stupid. I promise you will not hear a word from me now.” James voice trembled as if he has committed a crime

( She stopped the car and stared at him)

“I said get out of the car, right now”. She screamed at him

William did the same and got out of the car. The weather was so harsh that he was freezing with cold.

“Huh! at least now there is no need to hear someone complaining about me.” Emily said

“Please babe! Let me in. It’s freezing out here. How I am supposed to get home?” James inquired

“Not my problem!” Emily said and drove away

Emily was enjoying to her fullest in the party and did not spared a second to think about James. She was this much cold hearted from the beginning but James never judged her as he was fully indulged in love with her.

“Breaking News! A dead body was found early morning near the forests. It was some mentally ill pedestrian who was going through the woods at this time of night in such a harsh weather. Stay tuned for more updates.” It was some news channel who broke the news of James’s death.

James was a diabetic and could do nothing about the situation as it was hard for him to even walk after sometime. His blood sugar levels dropped. He finally gave up and it was his last day in this world as his soul was to depart soon.

“Emily! Emily! Look here what the news is saying. James was found dead the last night. But you said he was with you!” Eliza asked her

The news came as a complete shock for Emily as it was out of the blue moon. It was a nightmare for Emily and it was getting hard for her to even utter a word. It was just unbelievable and thoughts of different kinds surrounded her the very next moment.

               ( She became unconscious and fell on the ground )

“But there’s none of my fault in this, it was just an accident. But he never leaves me Eliza. What should I do!” Emily broke into tears

“James is dead Emily. I’ve repeated this a thousand times and now I’m tired of repeating the same.” Eliza was furious at her

Emily’s condition was getting worse day by day and it was her past incident that was haunting her this time. She could do nothing about that and ended up in a mental asylum. This is how her story turned to be a nightmare moreover a horror story someone could ever imagine.

This is how a love story ended up as a horror story, a horrible one. James became a permanent part of Emily’s life and maybe she could never forget him. Emily never thought of James’s intentions and purity of his love. In love and any relationship it’s always “give and take” whether it’s trust, time or respect.


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