Behind the curtains (Love Story)


It was getting dark and Emily rushed towards the station in a hurry. She was carrying a small purse and some luggage in the suitcase. It was summer and the holidays have just begun so as usual it was the time for Emily to see her grandparents who lived in a village. A 21 years old ambitious and highly insecure girl who lived in a city was having different viewpoints about life. She reached Bibury   (a village in England) in the next morning and booked a taxi.


Hey? I have to go there. She handed a chit in the driver’s hand on which the address was noted.

Oh great! I live there as well, get into the taxi. We will be there in exact 2 hours. Harry replied   

 I am Harry! Yeah the boy who drives a taxi in his part time. Actually I am graduated from an arts school but due to unemployment I started working as a taxi driver to meet my expenses.


So where are you going? Harry asked

To meet my grandparents. At this time of year I am free from the school and due to vacations I like to spend most of the time with them, Emily said in a friendly manner.

I live in the same street and I know Uncle Joe, he is just amazing. I still remember once he helped me with some sort of my school issue. He was suffering from cancer, Right? How is he now? Harry questioned

He is okay and the treatments are still going on. Doctors are hopeless about his case and he is just passing his days. Anyways, he is full of life and enjoy every moment to its fullest. Emily replied

(There was ringing of the phone in the taxi)

Hi grandma, how are you?

I am fine. Where are you? Not reached yet. Is everything okay my dear?

Yes absolutely. I am on my way to home, will be there in just 30 minutes.

 She hung up the call and asked Harry to drive fast.


There was a park in the village which was famous for its flowers that bloom in the spring season. Emily went there and started gazing at the beautiful little red roses and plucked one of them.

It’s wrong. You can’t hurt them, they have feelings too! A boy replied

(It was Harry)

Oh Hi! What are doing here? Emily was shocked to see him.

What if I ask the same from you? Harry responded

I was just missing some fresh air and heard about this place from a friend and came for some good time. Emily said while looking into Harry’s eyes.

Alright. So tell me about your interests! He asked

Nothing much but I like to read novels, romantic stories and spend most of my time with friends.

Oh great! He said

Okay then let’s be friends. Harry’s voice trembled.

Umm sure! Emily said

They both had a good time and moreover they got to know each other. Maybe it was just a starting of a new chapter of their life.


They started hanging out on daily basis and that park was their point, probably their dating point.

Emily started to like harry for his nature and Harry’s was already in love with Emily. He used to crack silly jokes just to bring a smile on Emily’s face. Emily told him about her family and where he lived in the city.

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(Out of nowhere Harry plucked a flower and thrashed it in the hands of Emily)

Its wrong Harry, someone said to me that they have feelings too. She said

Harry laughed and reached into his pocket. There was a shiny, lustrous ring in his hand and the next moment he was on his knees.

Dear Emily,

“They day you came into my life was the day when I got a purpose to live. You are the only one who understands me even more than myself. You are the only one with whom I can share everything, even my personal secrets. I want you to be with me always, now and forever. I love you and I want you to be a part of my life”.

(After a pause Harry started reading a poem)

“As long as the stars twinkle in the sky,

 As long as angels are there up high,

 Till the ocean run dry and till the day I die.

 I will love you.”

Accept this ring and say yes and I promise I will stand by your side forever and ever. He said

Emily looked around for a second and accepted the ring without having a second thought. She was blushing.

(Promises were made and they both entered into a new phase of their life)

Harry felt like he got a character of his story similar to the characters he often used to read in romantic stories. Emily seemed to be happy as well.


I will miss you! Harry said to Emily with a gloomy face. She turned back and hugged him tight.

It was the time for her to return as the vacations were over and she had to attend her school.

Harry I have to go. She replied

Emily was confused, maybe there was some sort of mystery or some secret she was hiding from Harry.

Whenever Harry asked Emily about getting married she used to change the topic and God knows what the reason behind this was. Probably she was not ready for it? Or something else

They both used to talk for hours on call in beginning and gradually things started to change. It was Harry who kept his promise and Emily always used to make excuses. The time came when Harry was almost unable to contact Emily and he didn’t knew the reason. He decided to meet Emily and her family and see for himself what the reason behind all these happenings was.


Harry reached at the same address Emily told him. The house was decorated beautifully and there were decorations of flowers on the walls as if someone is getting married soon in this house.

Hey gentleman! Sorry I didn’t recognize you. It was a fit looking middle aged man standing in front of Harry.

Hi uncle, you must be Emily’s father if I am not wrong? Harry inquired

Yes! Would you like to introduce yourself? Emily’s father asked in a polite tone.

I am Emily’s friend Harry, she must have told you about myself. Harry said

Maybe but I don’t remember. She must have invited you to her ceremony. Anyways she is in her room. Emily’s father responded

Ceremony? He asked

Yes of course, she is getting married. Her father said

Hello my dear son. I hope you was comfortable here last night? Her father asked Smith

Yeah Smith! The son of a rich business man who is going to marry Emily soon. Emily’s father liked Smith and his family and wanted Emily to marry him and she agreed as a secured future and a lot of money was promised.

It was just okay, I don’t understand why I am doing this all. Smith said in a irate manner.

It was a wave of shock for Harry to know this all. He was not ready to accept the fact that Emily is going to marry someone else. His legs trembled and without uttering a word he went straight into the guest room.


The day came when Emily and Smith had to tie a knot together. It was the most important and crucial day of someone’s life while on the other hand it was the worst day for Harry so far.

Emily just came back from her wedding photo shoot and was waiting for the ceremony to begin. She had a smile on her face as if she was satisfied with this marriage. She sat on a chair and started to notice the ticking of the clock, and closed her eyes afterwards.

The light went out and there was sudden hustle around the curtains of her room. Her room was locked and there were screams of Emily all around the house. Help! Help! No you can’t do th………

Her father and Smith rushed towards her room.

Emily! Are you there? Smith shouted

There was no response for a moment.

He thrashed the door with his full might and managed to get into the room.

The curtains were torn and one of the windows facing the street was broken as if someone has just escaped. There was Emily fully dressed in a blue wedding gown lying on the bed, helpless. A knife was stabbed in her back and there was blood all around, she died immediately.

Her father fell on the ground and became unconscious.

 Harry entered the room with a gloomy face and tears were rolling down his cheeks. After a pause he wiped them off and walked out of the room.


Here you go!

Harry you are my favorite person in this entire world.

It is blank signed cheque and fill it according to your own will. It was Smith standing right in front of Harry.

Harry had a smile on his face and bade a goodbye to Smith and this city forever.

This is how a short lovely story came to an end, a horrible one. Being a business man Smith knew exactly about the fact that “everyone comes with a price tag”! He hated Emily from the very beginning but had to agree for the marriage as it was his father’s choice.


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