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The Mysterious Writer

For this day Robert waited so long that now nothing could stop him from reaching his dreams. All he could see is a lot of fame coming to himself in just few days after his publication. It was the most deciding and important day of Robert’s life until the news of her wife’s death came like a nightmare. He was stunned to hear that as her wife played an important part throughout his journey and always supported him. The forensic reports labelled the death as a result of a heart attack. The mystery behind this coincidence was still unknown.

On 13 August 1999 Robert came to India for publishing his one of the most controversial book of the decade. He worked quite hard to do the proper research to get the book done. It was actually based on a rape story which was a true incident. Her wife Emmy was a director of a printing press “COBRAS” and she was a mighty force behind supporting him throughout his journey.

“Okay Emmy it’s time to leave. Hope for the best.” Robert said while having a suitcase and some sort of documents in his hand

“Sure dear! May success be your fate, love you.” Emmy responded

“Make sure to take your medicine on time.” Robert said

“Sure, Just come back soon. After this we will throw a grand party and I’m planning to go to Spain with you. Do you know how much would a trip to Spain cost?” Emmy asked

“It depends where you live. For example, if you live in Spain, it’s free.” He laughed

“How intelligent you are Robert!” Emmy smiled

Emmy was a heart patient since her childhood and had to continue on proper medications as directed by her doctor. She was working for a printing press as a director of the company in USA. Robert signed a contract with her company “COBRAS” to publish his book worldwide. He had to go to India on the day od release as the company was deciding to publish the first template in the Asian countries. No-one was aware of the title of the book yet not even Emmy. Finally the day of Press conference came and Robert appeared before the media to announce the name of his most important publication.

“Hi Robert, hope you are doing fine. So tell the audience something about this book that will surely arose the curiosity in the audience.” One of the reporters asked.

“Well it’s a about a rape incident that took place in USA and it’s all about a brave girl who survived it. So it would be unfair if we won’t praise her. So yeah! It’s all about that.” Robert said

“Since how long you have been working for this project to get done?” Reporter asked

“I’ve been working for two years straight in which all of my efforts could be summed up which includes gathering information about the incident and writing it in own thoughts. Me and my wife are the two major forces behind this project. I hope we will get the appreciation from the audience.” Robert responded

“Great, well best of luck for your book. We hope that it will break all the previous records.” Reporter said

“Oh wait, Robert! Would you like to announce the title of the book now?” Some other Reporter asked

“Yes. It’s “Nancy, the rape victim”.” Robert added

There was a complete silence in the auditorium. It was a live broadcast and the whole world was listening to him, Emmy also.

After the Press conference a news circulated in a village that some girl has committed suicide. It was Nancy, the mystery girl whose story went viral and the person behind all these happenings was Robert. She was a married woman who was very happy with her life afterwards. After hearing the news of the book titled to her name she could do nothing except to commit suicide. She left this temporary World and this news reached Emmy.

“Robert pickup! Pickup man.” It was Emily who was constantly trying to call Robert.

“Hello my dear! How are you? Are you looking at the statistics and the hype I’ve created among the public?” It was Robert at the other side of the phone call.

“It’s totally wrong Robert. You can’t do this to some innocent soul. Listen, We don’t want this tawdry fame. If I only knew this before I’d never let you do that. It’s really a shame to call you my husband,” she said

“Are you out of your senses? We both were equally excited for this day and now are you are saying me to stop all these happenings! Just shut up.” He was furious at her

“Look Robert we can’t do business on someone who is mere a dead body.” She replied

“Dead body?” He asked

“Yes, the girl about whom you wrote in your book committed a suicide and is no more.” Emmy said

“Oh Rip!” Robert said

“You should not have titled the book by her name at least. Still it’s not too late. I will cancel the contract and there is nothing that will be published under your name. Just come back home. Is that clear to you?” Emmy said

“Ahahaha! It’s too late my dear. In two to three days the book will be available at the stores, you can do nothing now.” He said

“I will cancel it by myself.” She said

“I’m going to contact the core team and surely the will listen to me, not you Robert.” Emmy said and hung up the phone.

“Hello! Hello …”

“What the hell. I won’t let you do that.” He shouted.

“Breaking News! Emmy was found dead in her apartment. According to the resources it is said that she had a heart attack and due to the lack of blood supply,” she died.

The news reached Robert and it was the same day when his book was all set to be launched. He could do nothing at this short notice. The forensic reports clearly said that it was a death due to cardiac arrest but there was someone who was not ready to accept this fact.

It was Joe, one of the Emmy’s closest friend as well a cooperative colleague. He hired a detective agent for this purpose in India and told him about all the happenings.

There was one thing  of major concern, that why Robert did not attended the funeral of Emmy!

“Hi it’s Suzan, a detective officer and I hope you will cooperate.” It was a young, fair complexioned girl in a uniform standing right in front of Robert.

“How may I help you?” Robert asked

“Just tell me the answers to some simple questions I’m going to ask.” She said

“But it was a certain death due to her illness.” He said in a hesitant tone

“Calm down Mr. Robert. Okay! Tell me why you was not there at the funeral? You loved her a lot if I’m not wrong!” She questioned

“I had to publish my book the same day and it was according to the contract. So I could do nothing about that.” He said

“Okay! Thank you for cooperating. I will let you know about the further proceedings.” Officer said

The next stop was Emmy’s house to look for some sort of clue. She reached there and there were bundles of detective novels and mystery books . While looking for something she came across a packet full of capsules. It was Emmy’s medicine. She started to assemble all these in a certain order and to her concern on of these capsules was damaged. She took it out and send the pharmaceutical companies for testing.

Emmy was a heart patient and probably it was her medicine that she had to use on regular basis. The tests on the drug confirmed that it’s dosage was doubled than normal. Someone who did so knew exactly that it will lead to complications for her. First suspect was Emmy’s husband Mr. Robert.

“Why would someone do this to her wife! Tell me.” Suzan asked Robert

“Why would I do so? Inspector you are just wasting your time and mine as well. I’m telling you there is nothing to be solved in this case.” Robert replied.

She left after investigating Robert but inside she knew that Robert is behind this murder in some way. She was in the wait of some solid clue.

On the very next day she reached the phone tracking cell and asked for Robert’s phone data. The call he made to Emmy was demanded and she listened to it for about 5 minutes. There was some dispute going on between them. Emmy wanted to stop Robert from getting his book published and there was a conversation between Robert and Emmy about the rape victim. Robert was furious at her and the phone call ended. She got the clue and it was enough to prove him guilty. She reached the cops and made sure that Robert will be soon behind the bars. She reached his house with all the police force but there was no-one at Robert’s place. He flew back to USA that day and the search operation almost carried out for a whole year but there was no clue of Robert. No-one was in contact with him and after sometime the case was dismissed.

The End.