Life, A mere joke


“Come out of your imaginary world, there’s much more life has to offer other than just reading those shitty stupid novels and waiting for these thoughts to become true. I’m telling you it’s just a waste of time girl. For God sake focus on your life and invest this time in yourself”. Esra tapped her head and seemed worried.

“I know you have some serious sort of problem with everything I’m doing mom, just leave me alone.” Clara said and threw the novel at the side table.

 Hi, I’m Clara yes the same spoiled girl with lot of insecurities. After dad, mom was the only one who was close to me but with time things went wrong. She always acts like she actually cares but I’m mere a responsibility to her nothing else. She never wanted to knew what’s going on with me rather she always try to make sure to taunt me in anyway. She has a problem with everything I do or plan to do. This attitude of her towards me is insane. It seems if she is always working on solving some mystery all the time.

Knock! Knock!

“Who is there?” Clara asked

“Liam! Open the door.” A middle aged man with having Roses and a ring in his hand went towards the living room.

“Esra? Where are you my dear! Look who is here.” Liam said in excitement.

Esra rushed down the stairs and was shocked to see Liam here.

:What are you doing here? I said to you that let me manage things on my own. Don’t you get it?” Esra was furious at Liam

“Calm down. What’s wrong with you? If this has to happen one day then why not now? Just make things clear to her.” Liam said to Esra

“Look Clara me and your mom got married this week and she was hesitant to tell you for some unknown reason.” Liam said

“Are you out of your senses? Mom who is this guy?” Clara asked her

“He is your dad now and yes we got married this week. Look Clara I’ll explain everything to you.” Esra said

“What the hell. Are you even serious?” Tears were rolling down Clara’s cheeks as this was something she never expected. She never thought that anyone would ever replace her dad.

She went to her room and locked herself for hours.

Clara started to hate Liam and the reason was unknown. He was actually a sweet guy but maybe Clara can’t accept her mother with someone else.

“Mom, after dad’s death you told me that from now I will be your mom and your Dad as well. You was tired of acting as my Dad?” Clara asked with a gloomy face.

“My dear! You are my priority. What I’ve done is just for the sake of your convenience. Liam is really a nice guy and he will take care of you.” Esra said

“No way. I can’t do this.” Clara said

“Clara it’s my order. You have to accept Liam the way he is. He is permanent part of our family now.” Esra said to her

“Whatever.” Clara said and went outside

She went to a garden and stared at the birds for couple of minutes and all of the sudden she started crying. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. Suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder. I was joe, the childhood friend of Clara. They also used to be College fellows but due to further education Joe moved to another city.

“Oh hello! Someone is crying.” Joe said in a jolly manner.

“Joe……..” Clara wiped her tears.

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“Well some old man told me that my little friend is crying over there. So I cam to see for myself. Is everything fine?” Joe asked

“Old man?” She inquired

“Ahh nothing, I was just kidding. Tell me what happened Clara?” He asked

“Instead of it you should have asked what hasn’t happened.” She said

“Is everything alright?” Joe inquired

“Nothing is alright. After dad mom was the only one with whom I could share everything. I was really close to her but recently she got married to man and this thing is hurting me.” Clara replied

“Oh! So that’s the reason behind all this. Look Clara, life is not always smooth and according to us all the time. We have to do a lot of compromises with it and this all is a part of it. If your mom has married someone then it must be for your well-being and good.” Joe replied

“I think you are right.” Clara added

As always, he laughed

Clara hugged Joe and bade him a goodbye. It seemed as if he is the only reason for her to stay happy. They both started to meet on daily basis and came really close. Clara liked Joe for his jolly nature and somewhere Joe also started to like her. They both used to talk for hours and there were gossips about school life, politics and Clara’s favorite subject. Gradually Clara’s smile started to reappear and she was getting normal with her life again.

Finally the day came when Joe decided to propose Clara for marriage. He was standing with a engagement ring in his hand right in front of Clara. It seemed to be the most deciding day of Clara’s life so far. There was no-one whom Clara could trust this much. She said “Yes” and they both entered into a new phase of their life. She was recalling all of the romantic stories in her mind. Clara didn’t told anyone about all this and she wanted to keep it a secret for as long as she could and Joe was also comfortable with this. They both dated for almost a year and came even more close to each other. Clara was still hesitating to tell anyone about her relationship as she trusted nobody.

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Joe proved to be a caring and a lovely partner so far and he was full of life. Clara finally decided to introduce him to his family. They both scheduled a meet-up and Joe reached at Clara’s home.

“Hi uncle! Hi auntie!” Joe said

“Joe , it’s you. What a pleasant surprise.” Liam added

“You guys know each other?” Clara asked

“Yes, Joe belongs to a family who used to be very dear to me. Unfortunately his dad and mom died in a car accident and he was sent to an orphanage. He used to live with his grandmother before.” Liam said

“Oh sad!” Clara’s mother responded

They had a dinner and Liam invited them to their house for an engagement ceremony. He bade a goodbye and left.

“Esra you’ve done so much for Clara already, don’t feel upset things will go by our side in future as well.” Liam said

“I know but she is very dear to me. I’ve never made her feel alone. I did my best Liam.” Esra replied

“Look dear! She was an orphan when you brought her home. You raised her up and made her an independent woman. She must be thankful to you.” Liam added

“Liam I don’t want to discuss all that now. What happened was mere a part of past. I met her when she could not even speak, she was badly injured and she didn’t even know about her real parents. At the sight of accident her parents were dead and she was injured badly. Only this thing follows me around.” Esra said

“Just forget about everything. Just pack your stuff and let’s go to Joe’s place, he must have been waiting for us.” Liam said

“Okay!” Esra nodded

Clara was so much excited that finally it was happening. She could wait no more to be with Joe. She wanted everything to end up smooth. He also started to like Liam as he proved to be a nice guy and supported he throughout all this. They reached at Joe’s place and had a conversation about Joe’s life and his preferences. Joe introduced them to one of his aunt’s who used to live with him. He showed them his living room in which a family photo was hung. It was Joe’s mother, father and he himself in that picture. He was somewhere between 5 or 6 years old at that time. Esra got a bit confused after looking at the picture.

“Is that your mother?” Esra asked

“Yes auntie!” Joe replied

“And you told she died in a car accident, right?” Esra questioned

“Yep, they both died.” Joe added

“Do you had a sister?” Esra asked

“Umm what! I don’t remember. I was with grandma for three years and suddenly got a news about their accident.” Joe said

“Liam what’s going on here? I’m sure that the couple I saw that night engaged in a car accident were the same. They were Joe’s parents. Joe was her name Clara?” She shouted

“Honey calm down, I remember that they had a daughter but I really don’t remember her name.” Liam added

“Oh what’s all this mess mom.” Clara was confused

“Joe there must be some kind of family proof or maybe a chit of you people!” Liam said

“I remember the family tree over there, let me check.” He handed the family tree to Liam

To everyone’s surprise the line of Joe and Clara joined the same parents. It was confirmed that Joe and Clara were siblings by blood. Clara was brought up by Esra as she took care of her afterwards and Joe was sent to an orphanage. It was a mere shock for everyone and no-one uttered a single word. Clara left that place and isolated herself for days. Her life seemed to be a mere joke, a bad one. Her short lovely story came to an end. Her mental health shattered and she ended up in a mental asylum, she was not normal anymore.


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