The Prison Cell


The Prison Cell

“Olivia, where are you my dear? Come to mama!”

She was standing in the living room of her house, tired and frustrated. She had a hectic routine and could not manage things properly. Every chapter of life was a new challenge for her and she has to go through it all alone. Her life was falling apart gradually and nothing was according to her expectations and desires.

“Yes, mom. So finally you got time for me after a whole freaking month,” a seven years old little girl was shouting at her, it was Olivia.

“I was stuck in a project and you know that, It was still hard to manage a two days leave for you,” Amelia responded.

“No need for that,” Oliva walked into her room and locked the room.

Life is never easy and smooth as it seems quite a few times or maybe for someone who is a detective. Yes, a detective with lots of her own cases to be solved yet. Her life was itself a mystery to be solved.

Amelia was working under the law enforcement agency as a detector. Yes, her job was to collect information and solve crimes by talking to witnesses and informants. Her mother always wanted her to become an actress and live life according to her with all the comforts and fame coming at her doorstep.

But it was her choice to become a detective as she was inspired by her dad who used to be detective as well, actually he was murdered later on. She was very close to her father and considered him the most important person in her life.

Her phone rang in the corner of the house. It was a police officer calling her.

“Hi Amelia, hope you are doing fine. I just wanted to let you know about Jimmy. He is getting a leave from the jail this week to attend the marriage ceremony of her daughter in some nearby town,” officer said in low tone.

“What? No way !” She was stunned and put the set of detective books aside she was reading.

Jimmy was the most crucial and hated character of Amelia’s life. He was the one who was proven guilty of the murder of her father but Amelia could not figure out the fact that why he did so!

She went to the jail and started to follow Jimmy on his day of release. Her anger was to the peak that she could have murdered him if possible.

Van stopped and a dead body fell on the ground. Jimmy was shot dead on his way to home. There were sirens of the police all around. Jimmy’s daughter was there, crying in her wedding gown. Unfortunately Amelia was the first person who reached the crime scene. Sophia, the daughter of Jimmy saw Amelia and pointed towards her while screaming. It was not less than a scene similar to one shown in horror stories.

She is there, the murderer of my dad. Go and arrest her”. It was getting hard for Sophia to even utter a next word with the dead body lying in her lap.

Amelia left the place and reached home with all the mysteries and so many hidden things revolving around.

Why would someone kill Jimmy and why Jimmy killed my dad? She was clueless and talking to herself in frustration.

The doorbell rang and a girl rushed towards Amelia and pointed a gun towards her.

“I will kill you! I know that you are a detective and no one will file a case against you. No worries, let me do it myself.” It was Sophia standing right in front of her with a red face full of anger.

“Hold on, you are getting it wrong. Why would I kill your father? He was already in the jail and sooner or later he was going to be punished for what he did.” Amelia yelled at her.

“Why would I listen to you?” Sophia said to her

“Probably you have no other option.” Amelia said in a polite manner

“Put the gun down and let me clear one thing I had no intentions of killing him, I was just following him throughout the way and honestly I don’t know who killed Jimmy. I am also trying to figure it out but I am clueless.” Amelia responded

Sophia dropped the gun in her pocket and shook his head in frustration.

“Tell me one thing first! Why Jimmy killed my dad?”

Amelia inquired in a professional tone

“I have something for you Amelia and I hope that you will get all of your answers after listening to this.” Sophia said

“It is a video tape that the lawyer handed me after the death of dad. I don’t know why he kept this a secret for so long. He should have told you before”

She handed a micro chip to Amelia and she went straight into her phone to play this one.


“I did nothing Sophia, All this was just for the sake of money. I killed this man for some amount of money as I was helpless and could not find a other way and . . . . . . . . . . . . . “

“And ???” Amelia thrashed the phone on the desk.

Some part of the video was encrypted unfortunately. One after the other this mystery story was changing it’s direction.

One day Amelia came home after a long time and was stunned to see Olivia lying on the ground. She was suffering from high fever and refused to take medicine.

“What are you doing here? Is this for which you are getting paid?” Amelia was furious at the maid

“She refused to take the medicine and was waiting for you,” maid responded

“Ufff!  When will you grow up my dear daughter.” Amelia sounded dejected.

She was well aware of the fact that Olivia needed her in this time but nothing was more important to her than finding the real murderer of his father. He just wanted that man behind the bars. Each cases was linked to the other in some manner and Amelia was just a clue away from all this.

Amelia was writing all her findings in a booklet as the door bell rang.

“Here it is, the CCTV footage of the day Jimmy managed to get a bail from the jail.” A well suited man was standing in front of her.

(It was the police officer who was investigating the case with her)

“So what are we waiting for ? Just play it right away.” Amelia’s face changed colors and there was a sudden wave of happiness

She was confident to find some sort of clue in this video footage.

The video was played and at the entrance door the guard was seen taking some chit by a stranger whose face was covered wholly.

“Pause, rewind! rewind it from here real quick.” Amelia said

It was the senior most guard of the jail room who was seen having a chit chat with a stranger and he was the same guard who was having his duty at the Jimmy’s side.

“Here you go officer, in my opinion we have almost solved this case and the next clue will be provided by this guard. Let’s go!” Amelia sounded confident

She took her car and drove to the police station in a hurry.

In the interrogation room there was sudden sound of a bam. Slaps after slaps

Someone was shouting about his innocence

“I’ve done nothing, trust me with this.” The guard said in a low tone.

“It’s the last time I’m asking you.” The officer was furious at the guard

Amelia pointed a gun towards the guard and led her fingers towards the trigger.

“Wait!!  I’ll tell you everything. Everything,” the guard said

“That’s good for all of us, okay start speaking.” Amelia said

“It’s Jo.. E.”

“What ?” She said

“Joe, the most wanted drug dealer of the entire city . I don’t know much about him and why he did so but I was just provided with a chit having instructions and some money. I had to make his exit safe and sound until he reaches the gate.” The guard told them

After a sudden hustle Amelia shook his head.

 “Joe!” The same person who used to be my father’s best friend. Amelia said

“There was a time when Joe and dad decided to apart their ways because of the illegal activities Joe used to do. He was a drug dealer and daddy was always against him and wanted him to mend his ways but all in vain.” Amelia told the officer after a pause

“Where is that chit?” Officer asked

“In the cabin.” Guard responded

One after other the clues started to appear on the table and it was enough to prove Joe guilty of the murder. He killed Jimmy because he was sure that Jimmy will tell everything to the court sooner or later.

Amelia was satisfied as the person who made his life miserable was soon going to be punished. She started her life from scratch again. Olivia’s behavior changed towards her mother and things started to settle down quickly. There left no mystery to be solved.

It seems to be a perfect happy handing, isn’t it?


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