Rip Sage


Rip Sage

 She was standing at the rostrum, spilling her heart out, and after saying the final words she went back to her seat. The hall was echoing with claps and appreciation. It was a seminar on mental health and wellness. She was specially invited there as she was the number one social worker in the city who was working hard for the wellness of people. But who knew that the same person who is busy in helping others was in a desperate need of help herself?

The door lock clicked in the silence of her apartment. She entered and closed the door. She looked exhausted, but maybe her soul was more exhausted. She threw herself on the couch with eyes closed and a storm of thoughts in her mind. Life had never been normal for her.

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Dad! Dad! She was screaming and wailing. Her mother came running after hearing her painful shrieks, her husband was on the floor, completely unconscious.

Ambulance siren was breaking the silence of roads in the middle of the night. She was crying and asking her mother; why is dad not waking up? She had no answer to her question she was too young to understand anything. They spent the night at the hospital hoping that her father might get conscious, but that was the night when hardships in her life woke up and never slept again till this date.

Her father was gone; her whole family was her mom now. Life was still going on; her mother took care of her in every possible way. She worked two jobs, as her husband left them in debt and she wanted her daughter to become a doctor. Her mother ignored her health and one day her dream came true. She was accepted in a medical school, they thought it was the start of the happy times, years passed by but in that passing time they both forgot to spend the moments with each other. Her mother was busy earning for her and she was busy studying hard and becoming a doctor for her mother.

Their hard work paid off and the most awaited day arrived… the graduation ceremony was just some hours away, and then life decided to give her another trauma.

She entered her mom’s room to say good morning just like a normal morning but saw her nightmare come true, her mother was lying on the bed without a sign of life in her body. She couldn’t breathe, her only family was gone. Her life seemed to be a horror story. No other friend of hers had to lose anyone, they had their families and who did she have? No one! Her whole life became a story of injustice for her.

She went to the ceremony because her mother always wanted her to see standing in that graduation gown. Sage Edmond! Her name was called. She came out of her deep thoughts, it was time to smile and receive the diploma. Who could imagine arranging the funeral of one’s mother on the same day of their graduation? This day was supposed to bring happiness but, she could not fight fate.


Liam the man who stood by her side when she was left all alone, they were friends since childhood but, were parted because of studies and today they met again. She smiled after ages today, her eyes told this smile was real. He heard about everything that had happened to her from a common friend and came running to meet her, she was happy and surprised to see him. It all happened, about a month after her mom died.

The doorbell rang, she looked towards the door while thinking who it could be? She had isolated herself from everyone since her mother’s death, she was not expecting anyone at this time of day. It was almost nine in the evening.

The doorbell rang once again followed by a knock at the door and Liam calling her name and telling her to open the door, because, he wanted to see her.

She recognized his voice, she couldn’t believe her ears she ran to open the door.

Liam was standing there with flowers and her favorite chocolates in his hand. He was smiling.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks, she couldn’t help and hugged him as if she found her family again. He was shocked but did not separate her from him.

Some moments passed, she came back to her senses and asked him to come in. He handed the flowers and chocolates to her.

You still remember my favorite flowers and chocolates? She was smiling and looking at him.

How could I forget my person’s favorite things? He smiled back; there was love and kindness in his voice.

Both of them sat down on the couch, he was staring at her it broke his heart to see her like this. She looked weak and broken. He held her hand.

I am sorry for everything that happened, you never deserved such pain. Liam’s voice once again was filled with love and kindness.

Bad things happen; she replied.

And life goes on; he completed her sentence.

They both went silent. He felt so helpless for not being able to comfort her. He was not there for her when she was struggling.

Sage Edmond! He grabbed her face in his hands, you are not someone who can give up, you are a survivor and a fighter. I was not here when you needed me the most but, I promise you I will not let you fight alone anymore. He was making a promise and she knew he will never break his promise that’s how he was, he could die but could never break a promise he made to her.

She smiled, her smile was real he knew. A horror story started to shift towards a short lovely story.


Sage Edmond! Her name was called once again. She turned around to see, he was kneeling with a ring in his hand.

Will you marry me, Sage? He smiled and asked.

She had tears of joy in her eyes, she nodded her head to say yes.

The ring was sparkling in her hand; she was going to be Mrs. Liam soon.


In her white wedding gown, she was looking like a princess. Her ocean eyes and her naturally blushed cheeks were glowing like she was an angel. The pendant she wore was telling the story of a warrior who won and became the queen.

She walked down the aisle with Liam as he was his only family. At that moment she wanted to cry, but, all she could do was wish that her parents were there to see the beginning of her new life.

Finally, she had a reason to smile. They were making memories together; life couldn’t be better.

Their two years together were the true definition of a happy life and one day they got the biggest good news of their lives.

We are going to be parents I cannot believe this oh my God! Liam was happy and excited.

Sage Edmond was going to become a mother, she thought and smiled.


Mr. Liam? The nursed inquired his name from him.

Yes, I am Liam, is everything ok? He was desperately worried

The doctor needs to talk to you please follow me. She started walking in front of him and he followed.

Hi… he entered the doctor’s cabin.

Hi Mr. Liam! please have a seat. He was like a robot at that time he sat down.

I have something to tell you, and I hope that you will understand and handle the news with courage and patience.

Is my wife okay? He asked, first thought that hit his mind was maybe Sage was in critical condition.

Yes, she is perfectly fine, it’s not about your wife; it’s about your baby. The doctor took a deep breath and said.

What? What happened to my baby? He couldn’t speak properly. There were tears in his eyes and something was stuck in his heart.

Your baby; is born with down syndrome…the doctor broke the news hesitantly.

He had no words to say, he stood up walked out of the cabin, he did not stop there and kept walking and went out of the hospital. He walked out for not walking back to her again.

How could he leave her to fight alone? Was he breaking his promise? Did he break the promise he made to Sage Edmond? Once again she had to fight alone?


Thoughts of suicide passed through her mind a thousand times, but, she never gave up. She was broken into so many pieces that she couldn’t gather them without making her hands bleed. She stood up after every loss. But she realized she wasn’t able to stand up and fight again after Liam betrayed her. He was supposed to be her support, she believed in his promise she believed he would be the last person to leave her, but, she did not know people who are the closest are extremely capable of killing you from inside. The day her son was born and Liam left, she tried to fight again, it was exhausting but she did, six years passed, she spent days and nights working and taking care of her kid.

People who are broken inside think a lot about others and try to do everything to keep people away from the kind of pain they had to cope with. She was the same kind of person. She was a doctor and a social worker at the same time. Maybe, she was trying to keep herself busy just so she did not have any time to think about the heartaches? Days were spent busy but at night… her thoughts and memories and broken promises were her partners. She was strong but, she herself did not know when she will give up. One night, came with the helplessness, and she gave up.


Today our special guest is Sage Edmond! One of the best social workers in our city, we are really proud of her, she has been working hard to spread happiness for the last five years. Please welcome her on stage with a big round of applause. Her name was called out, she rose back from her thoughts and stood up. Walking towards the rostrum with a smile on her face, nobody could even think how many demons she was carrying in her mind and in her heart.

She was speaking, people were listening to her voice, what no one could hear was her heart that was aching and crying.

Hearts were made soft without any bones, for being capable of love, and love not just for some specific people but for everyone around us you might never know who is in the need of some kind words and a little love from you”, she ended her speech and went back to her seat. The seminar ended, everyone was leaving, it was seven in the evening when she reached her apartment. Her apartment was silent,  the nanny had just left moments before her arrival. She threw herself on the couch. Thoughts were out of control tonight.

Something struck her mind, and she stood up walked to her bedroom. There was a locker in her closet, she dialed the code it opened. A few moments later, she walked out of her bedroom with a pistol in her left hand.


Breaking news! Sage Edmond and her son found dead in their apartment. She killed her son and herself by shooting the kid and herself. Televisions across the city were telecasting the breaking news. The news of her death was all over the TV.

Many were angry about the fact that she killed her baby, but, more were the people who were grieving for her. She was a support for many but, nobody was her support.

Many were there today, at her funeral, he who promised her and left her later was also there standing with apologies, but nothing mattered now. When the time of eulogy speech came, the man who disappeared years ago leaving her alone appeared.

She was a warrior, and she fought all alone. People left her when she needed them the most, death took her parents and the one who promised her that he will fight with her, broke his promise and never looked back. Sometimes, warriors also give up, they give up when they are left alone to fight, they give up when their souls get exhausted. She was also a warrior whose soul got tired, she was not a loser, she was a hero who fought until she could no more.

Today the story of Sage Edmond, a horror story in short came to an end. Her life was not normal nor is her death.