Princesses who were named witches

Romantic Stories

Princesses who were named witches.

Once upon a time, in the deep dark woods lived three women in a cottage covered with flowers and a door with a welcome board on it.

Andy, Mandy and Sandy were their names. Andy had blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, Mandy was gorgeously dark eyed with dark curly hair, while, Sandy was a brunette with beautiful hazel eyes. Twenty-nine, twenty-seven and thirty were their ages respectively.

You must wonder why they lived in the forest alone? The answer is; because they were the witches of the black forest and there is a mystery behind calling them witches.

Not all witches had long noses with a mole on it and grey hair which were not washed for ages and a hump on their backs, some were beautiful smart and young. Not all witches wore black medieval dresses and had a flying broom, some wore beautiful floral gowns and had pets.

Not all witches were actually witches in real, some were women who hated men and wanted to live a life of their own.

Andy, Mandy and Sandy were that “some” type of witches.

They were born in the village near the black forest, in the times when women’s success was based upon the money her husband owned or earned. Yes! You thought right that’s what exactly they did not accept.

THEY ARE WITCHES! Someone said once and in a few days the whole village started saying that. Now you wonder why they hated men? Well that’s because the ones who called them witches in first place were men, and the men who made their lives living hell were also men. Best friends they were since childhood, they had heard stories of princesses who fell in love with princes and left everything to live a happily ever after and their response to these stories was always “yukhh” and an annoyed face expression.

Andy the blonde was the daughter of the village headman, Mandy the brownie was the daughter of landlord, a mystery woman and Sandy the brunette was the daughter of the goldsmith of the village. In short they were all princesses, but were not called one.

And the princess kissed the prince and they lived a happily ever after! Mandy read the ending of the book aloud.

“I wonder why a happily ever after cannot exist without rich men in it?” Andy exclaimed.

“Rich men? Why can’t they exist without “men” in it?” Sandy corrected her.

All three of them laughed.

“Andy! I love you…” Richard was kneeling on his knee and confessing his love.

“Why?” Andy asked.

“Because . . . . . .  you are beautiful.” He replied.

“And?” Andy inquired.

“And? What else is there?” He was shocked.

“Richard! I am beautiful and I know that but I am intelligent and talented as well. I will suggest you to write a book named “how to offend women in a second”. She smiled.

(Andy considered him a character from those boring romantic stories she had often read.)

“What?” He stood there with an open mouth while Andy walked out with her chin up.

“Ah that is a really terrible memory I have of a man,” Andy laughed.

They were sitting in the sitting area of their cute little witch cottage, sharing the memories they had of men of their village.

“Mandy your turn.” Sandy said.

Mandy giggled and said, “you have heard mine many times and had seen mine with your own eyes didn’t you?”

“The boy almost managed to hypnotize me with his cheesy pickup line he had copied from  romantic books. And when I refused him he almost stood there with a gloomy face as if I had insulted him. Strange . . . .”

They were giggling and laughing when someone knocked on the door of their witch cottage.

“Let me check who is lost in the forest today”. Sandy stood up to see who was at the door.

She opened the door and was shocked to see a man standing at their door.

“Good Evening Madam,” he said and bowed.

“Good evening gentleman,” Sandy replied. “What made you knock at the door of witches today?” She asked.

“Madam Andy, Mandy and Sandy are invited to the ball at the house of the village headman.” He passed the message respectfully.

Meanwhile, Andy and Mandy also came to see why Sandy was taking so long to come back

“Here sisters we are invited to the annual ball,” Sandy gave the news to them.

“How come… how come they agreed to invite witches to the ball?” Andy was concerned.

“Madam the village headman himself sent the invitation for all the three of you, he want you to attend this ball. Will you be there?” He asked

“When is the ball?” Mandy asked.

“In the evening of the day after tomorrow.” He replied.

Andy, Mandy and Sandy looked at each other and smiled.

“Yes we will be there for sure!” The trio spoke together.

“Thank you madams, have a good evening.” He bowed again and stepped backward.

“They have invited the witches to the village and that is actually weird don’t you think?” Andy asked.

“Yes, that is but we should go and see what they have to offer.” Mandy was calm.

“Men! They have rich men to offer,” Sandy added and went to the living room.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Andy and Mandy spoke together and they all laughed.

“Should we take our cauldron and our magical brooms with us?” Andy asked.

“Yes, sure also pack the eyeballs and the tail of rabbit in case we need to put spells on the villagers.” Mandy added.

“Also do not forget our wands, we might need to turn some men into frogs there for the girls who want to kiss frogs and turn them into humans and marry them.” Sandy was in a joyous mood.

“Imagine kissing a frog and he turns into a man and then you kiss again and he turns into a mouse?” Sandy said.

They all laughed and started discussing the dresses they were going to wear for the ball.

And then the day of ball came, they all were looking like real princesses.

They knew how to drive their horse carriage and they did. They reached their destination on time.

They entered the ball room, and everyone got still just like statues.

They walked in with grace, they were such beautiful witches.

They are the witches of the black forest someone whispered. Everyone was having his own explanation to solve the mystery of these three witches that why they lived alone in the cottage.

Village headman father of Andy came forward to welcome them.

“It is so good to have you here today ladies,” he bowed and kissed Andy’s hand’s back.

“Thank you for having us” they all replied together and a smile glowed on their faces.

The dance had started, they sat down and had a drink. When some gentlemen came towards them and said greetings.

They smiled and said greetings back.

“It’s so nice to meet the famous witches of the Black forest,” one of them said.

“We are also glad to meet the overrated creatures of the world,” said Andy with a smile on her face.

“So that is true that you three hate men?” He asked.

“Kind of true.” Mandy replied.

“Kind of?” He inquired.

“Yes, kind of, because we do not hate men, we hate the fact that we were considered nothing ‘without a man’.” Sandy explained.

None of them three beautiful witches looked towards those gentlemen.

“We should go enjoy the dance one of them gentlemen said.” And they left.

Andy, Mandy and Sandy smiled on their accomplishment.

How long are you girls going to stay in that cottage? Their parents were sitting around them asking them to come back.

“Forever or if we could live there after forever we would.” Andy said. Mandy and Sandy nodded to agree with Andy.

“But we want to see our girls successful and happy.” Mandy’s father said.

“We are happy and successful, we own a home and a farm, and we live there happily.” Mandy said.

“No woman can be successful without a good man.” Sandy’s mother added.

“Irony is, we are!” Sandy said.

“The whole village calls you girls “witches” and are you girls okay with that title?” Her mother said

“We consider that as we are princesses.” Andy said.

“Princesses who do not need princes are named witches, and we love to be called that.” They said together and smiled. They stood up held their gown and waved a goodbye to the humans.

The witches went away to their cute little witch cottage but changed the welcome board to “no princes allowed”.

And they lived a happily ever after.

The End


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