The Wise Lunatic (Horror)


My room in the mental asylum was not that bad, it was a different thing that the windows were sealed with bars, just like the bars in a jail. I was not expecting an asylum to like this. It was way better than my thoughts, the image I had in my mind about this place was horrifying similar as shown in the horror stories.  

There was a vast courtyard right in front of my room, I could see it’s view clearly from my room’s window. There was a garden in the courtyard where they had planted different beautiful and weird plants and flowers used to bloom on them. In free times, I usually used to sit and watch the staff of the asylum walk in the courtyard. It’s not that I used to stay in my room all the time because there were other things for me to do which were very exciting and fun. There were other patients like me with whom I used to debate over different things and topics, you can debate over anything with crazy people. Sometimes, we used to play ping pong also. I had some other duties to fulfill there, sometimes we were asked to knit some rugs or some other work. God knows what was the mystery behind this.

You must be thinking about how did I exactly reach a mental asylum? The answer to this is very straight forward, it was a beautiful evening in December when I got out of my office and went to the bank. From where I withdrew three thousand dollars through a cheque, I received this amount in the form of ten dollars and then while walking without any purpose I reached a busy road of the city after reaching there I stopped and started auctioning off my ten-dollar bills. I stopped the wayfarers and gave them one ten-dollar bill only for some pennies, I even-handed a ten-dollar bill to someone in exchange for a book named as horror stories. I met a man there who only had a necktie, I took that necktie from him and placed a total fifty dollars in his hand, that was the moment when people noticed my weird behavior. Many people rejected my offer also, maybe they thought my bills were factious. As soon as I handed fifty dollars to the man with the necktie, he became furious and crowd gathered around us. Soon police reached and arrested me, police also thought that my bills were not real, even though that was not true. When they made me sit in the police car I guffawed and threw a hand full of bills, thinking about the way the police officers ran after the money makes me laugh to this day. 

Upon reaching the station I kept staring here and there as if I was blind and denied to talk to anyone. In no time Emily reached there, she had a doctor and a lawyer with her. She started crying badly when she saw me, but I knew all her tears were fake. I served her with a lot of curse words, on hearing the curse words she started crying even harder. God knows who gave me something to drink after all this mess. I drank and slept in the jail room peacefully. I stayed in jail for four days. They were not satisfied with me yet. I was not sent to a mental asylum either, maybe to write the horror story on my own. My condition was getting better day by day. I was coming back to my senses. I was myself shocked at this weird experience of mine and I kept asking the guards why were they keeping me here in the jail? My memory was not working perfectly yet. During this time, the jail doctor came to meet me many times and asked me questions about my behavior. I told him that I had been working very hard for the past few weeks, maybe that is why my mind was under pressure and went out of control. He liked my explanation, he kept writing everything I said in his notebook as if it was a mystery to be solved.

I was not worried because I did not do anything illegal. At last, I was absolved.

After almost three months of this incident one day, I picked up my laptop and threw it out of the window of my office, a passerby dodged it on time. After that, I threw the ashtray out of my office window. I became schizophrenic and I threw anything that came in my hand. I tried to jump out of the window too but thankfully some of the staff managed to stop me from that suicidal attempt. Everyone was worried about me. My female secretary came to me and I slapped hard on her face. She was shocked so was the whole crowd around me. I got into a fight with my business partner too. 

I was not in my senses I could even kill people at that time. Emily took me to a psychiatrist after this incident. The psychiatrist suggested keeping me in a mental asylum as I was a threat to people’s lives, but Emily was not ready to send me to an asylum and brought me home. By the way, Emily is my wife and we have been married for 12 years now. She takes care of me and loves me, although, I have doubts about the loving part though. I know she married me because of my money. In a city like New York, love does not exist for souls. It only exists for money in bars when you buy drinks for beautiful girls or expensive gifts. long story short we had been married for twelve years but did not have any kids as Emily was still not ready to be a mother. 

I stayed normal for a few days, I did not go to the office and was staying home as the psychiatrist suggested rest for me. But, after a few days when I was sitting in the dining room waiting for breakfast when once again something went wrong with me and I stood up and started screaming on top of my lungs, everyone rushed to see what has happened. All the servants and Emily tried to calm me down but they all failed and at last, the only choice left was to send me to the mental asylum I needed proper treatment. And that’s how I reached asylum for the first time.

As I told before, this place (the mental asylum) was good enough better than what I had imagined about it. After years of working days without any breaks, At least I was enjoying my part of the horror story .

I had many advantages of staying here, I could behave whatever the way I wanted with anyone because I was not in my senses right? If I was in senses what was the point of keeping me here? Emily used to come every Wednesday to meet me, I liked staying there also because I did not have to see Emily every day, such a relief. I have lived forty-four years of life out of which I spent 12 years as Emily’s husband and I was so tired of her now that I even thought of divorcing her. I talked to my lawyer about this topic but, he advised me that this divorce will cost me my villa, car, and many other things also I will have to pay for her expenses and I couldn’t afford all that so maybe that was why I was still with her.

Yeah, so I was saying that she used to come every Wednesday. I used to be at peace for the other six days. To be honest I usually stayed calm in the asylum. Yeah sometimes I used to create a fuss but that was rare. Sometimes I used to fight with Emily too I even placed many false accusations on her but she still didn’t stop coming to meet me.

The doctor  was a very friendly and kind man. He used to try to know the reason behind my madness he also used to give me different bits of advice. My hate towards Emily was his favorite topic and we used to talk about this topic for hours.

And then one day I got permission to go back home. I still remember that day, it’s not that I was healthy now but the doctors were very satisfied with me and thought I was ready to move in society again.

That day, the wind was blowing and there were clouds in the sky. Emily came to take me home from the asylum, she was truly worried that day but, there was no use of being worried or afraid because my behavior was quite normal. I held her hand and took her to the car in a friendly manner. But when I went to the driving seat and sat on it fear could be seen on her face but that fear was gone after a while. On our way back home she once said; “thank god you are fine now”, 

Yes of course I am fine now I replied as if I was trying to conciliate her.

I was freed from the mental asylum five months ago from today. In the first few days, it was hard for me to settle in the usual routine, people were still scared of me they used to hesitate while talking to me maybe they had this doubt that I might start hitting them or kill them. Many times people suddenly stopped while talking to me that made me feel weird. some of my acts were so unusual that everyone thought I was still a little crazy. once at a party I did an abnormal act, I reached the record player and took out the record that was playing and threw it away, and then I placed a record of my liking and sat there to listen to it as if I did nothing insane. my acts might have made people worry a little but I never harmed anyone deliberately so it was not a big deal for anyone now, they were getting used to of my behavior.

I was getting normal day by day, I went to the office every day, met my friends and my relationship with my wife Emily was also good you can say everything was normal and I was healthy. Or in other words, I was not dangerous at all.

Next week I and Emily have to go to a party. This party is from a friend of mine whom I know for fifteen years and there will be fourteen or fifteen people at this party and I know all of them.  this is actually the day I have been waiting for ages. Here you should understand that my past experiences were not so good, from selling the dollar bills to fighting with friends and colleagues not a single thing was easy to be done by a normal man. I never wanted to hurt anyone but one thing I will say that I did my tasks perfectly. next week at the party people will find me quieter than usual, and then I will pull my chair near the fireplace and drink alone for almost an hour, then people around me will try to talk to me but I will not answer them and look dead in their eyes. My condition will stay like this for a

while and then suddenly I will stand up the glass in my hand will fly and hit the mirror that is in front. Then someone will surely try to stop me but I will attack that person in return when I will punch that person he will fall down on the ground and before he gets up again I will move forward towards the corner where the fireplace pokers are kept while screaming abusive words and I will pick one of the pokers and will hit Emily with that on her head with all my power, she will not take another breath after that.

No case will be filed against me, usually, it is hard to act like an insane man in such cases but the matter will be a little different my past records of staying at the asylum and mental hospital will clear the things for me, no one will doubt my mental illness, I will be arrested and will be sent to asylum once again.

I think this time I will have to stay in a mental asylum for a year or two but it’s okay I will give them their time to give me proper treatment and make me sane again because, after all, I don’t have to kill anyone else. I will keep getting better and one day they will allow me to move in society again and the day they will free me I will be very happy because there will be no Emily waiting for me.

You must be thinking I am lunatic, not just you everyone will think that about me because that is exactly what my plan is. Writing down this in my diary so that I never forget how fantastic my plan was. My story has to be perfect and smooth among all other horror stories.