The Cheater (love stories)


Like every other day when Tina got home from work she found Zayn in the kitchen, cooking dinner but today was special as it was their wedding anniversary and he was expecting Tina home earlier than usual but she was home late again as if she forgot their special day, the day when they both tied a knot few years ago. Zayn used to work from home and took care of everything, he made sure that Tina’s dinner was on time and she face no problem at all. It was a love marriage and they both lived happily afterwards. But since the past two months Tina’s behavior was not the same with Zayn. It seemed as if she is unhappy with Zayn and she didn’t have the same feelings anymore. She started to ignore Zayn as if he is some sort of useless thing. Zayn was well aware of this change in her behavior but he wanted things to settle down really quick. His intentions were pure from the beginning and Tina was well aware of that.

There used to be a time when she was madly in love with Zayn. Due to this reason despite being the richest and the established woman in the town, She married a poor guy like Zayn. Zayn proposed her and they both dated for almost a year. They were happily married and things went well for sometime. Tina gifted her a shelf full of his favorite novels and romantic stories. Zayn was serious about her and loved her by heart and Tina was aware of Zayn’s intentions as well.

“You have to do something Tina. It boils my blood when I see you with him. It was Tina’s secretary Smith grabbing her hand.”

“Hmm! I’m gonna end it with him today. I can’t pretend to be with him anymore, I just can’t do it. Thank you so much for everything.” Tina said while looking into Smith’s eyes

“Off course I love you and I’m always here for you sweetheart. If you have any problem do let me know about that. I can go to any extent to make you happy.” Smith responded

“If you are with me then everything will go by our side for sure. I’ve faith in you.” She replied.

“Do let me know about everything. I just can’t take more risks.” He added

“Sure Smith.” She said

“Hey, I’m home.” Tina said to Zayn

“Hey babe, you got late again and I was expecting you to be here on time, for at least today.” Zayn said while he was setting the dinner table

“For what?” She asked him

“Don’t tell me that you forgot again Tina, it’s our wedding anniversary.” He said

“Oh yeah, Sorry! I got caught up with work. It was a really important meeting with a foreign client, sorry again.” She said

“It’s okay. I’ve made your favorite Chinese food dear. Go get a shower and then we will have a dinner together. It’s our special day and we’re gonna enjoy it to the extreme.” He said

“Really? How nice of you Zayn. You take care of me so much and sometimes you make me feel that I, I (Umm)nothing. Let’s just celebrate.” She said

She got a shower and then Zayn set the dinner table for her.

“It smells lovely isn’t it?” She said

“I love you so much honey, since the day we have met. Your beautiful eyes put a spell over my heart and my love for you has grown every moment since. Happy Wedding Anniversary,” Zayn said while looking into her eyes.

“Shall we, Ahh.” She dropped the spoon and ruined the moment.

“It’s fine. Let me bring some tissues.” He added

“Sure!” She replied

She shifted the soup bowls in a hurry and started to pretend normal again. He got some tissues and handed them to her. He was continuously making efforts to cheer her up but all in vain. He gifted her a bouquet of red roses which used to be her favorite but nothing was working for him.

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She started to stare at Zayn’s face and he was getting a strange vibe as if she is hiding some sort of mystery. They both continued the dinner and Zayn headed towards the soup. As soon Tina started to eat that soup, so does Zayn and the glow on his face reached next level.

(Two Months Back)

It was 23rd of March and Tina was busy planning some sort of surprise for Zayn as it was his birthday.

“Oh god! He’s gonna be so happy. I booked tickets and everything will be according to his taste. I’m gonna make this trip very special and memorable for him. He always wanted to go to Paris. I think it will be the best birthday surprise so far for him. I am so much excited!” She was telling all this to one of her friends on a call.

“For sure, I’m happy for you and I wish everything goes in your favor.” Her friend replied

“Poor him. He looked so upset when I told him that I’m gonna be late tonight. I felt so bad for him but I’m sure that this surprise will cheer him up. Yeah I’ll talk to you later. Bye!”

She hung up the call and left her office in a hurry. She was much excited as Zayn was his only source of happiness. She could go to any extent to make him happy and comfortable.

On her arrival at home she was shocked to see the doors opened. She entered the house and started searching for Zayn. Gradually she passed by her bedroom and heard some unknown voice, a girl’s voice. She headed towards the door and to her shock it was her second cousin Emily lying in the bed with Zayn. For a second or two she couldn’t figure out what was exactly going on.

“These beautiful blue eyes and your curly brown hair, I can’t tell you how much I love you. I never want this moment to end. Let me tell you the meaning of real romance honey.” Zayn said while grabbing Emily’s hand

“I love you more. You’ve proved to be such a caring partner so far. I’m grateful to God for the fact that we met and he will surely make you a permanent part of my life soon.” Emily said

“Well make a promise Emily.” He added

“What?” She asked

“That you will stay with me forever. I’ve got and addiction of you and your love my dear and I don’t want to lose you ever.” Zayn said

“Well, the only way we can be together forever is when your nasty wife is gone from your life. I just can’t wait anymore to be with you Zayn.” She said

“Don’t you worry. Next wedding anniversary is going to be her last. I’ve a very special surprise planned for her. This beautiful house and all these luxuries will be ours and then there will be no more games of hide and seek.” He replied

“So how you gonna do it?” Emily asked

“It’s very simple. I will add the poison in her favorite soup, Ahahaha.” He said

“Hey you are a genius as well.” She laughed

“Well I will give you everything and I’m gonna do that soon. You are my love and priority. You just don’t worry about anything from now on.” Zayn said to her

Tina was watching all this before her eyes and could not believe herself. She went straight into her car and drove away. She told nobody about all this and started to suffer alone. He was hurt to such an extent that she wanted to end up her life but there was much more to be done than that yet.

Zayn was having sip after sip and Tina’s anger was incredibly increasing every moment. She could bear him no more in front of her eyes. He started coughing and vomited blood. Gradually he fell on ground after eating his own poisoned soup.

“You cheated on me Zayn and I loved you by my heart. I would never forgive you for this sweetheart. Good bye!” She shouted

Suddenly her phone started ringing. It was Smith on the other side of the call.

“Hello Tina! Are you okay?” Smith asked

“It’s over, he is no more. Thank you so much brother for helping me cop with all the trauma and depression that man had given me. I’m at peace though.” She replied

“Don’t you worry Tina, I’ll be there in just 30 minutes from now.” Smith replied

“Okay come soon.” She said

The police reached there and fingerprints were scanned. Zayn got what he deserved and Tina moved on with her life. He cheated a woman who loved him by her heart despite of his status. This is how their short lovely story came to an end, the end of which someone can’t even imagine.


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