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Welcome to our Mystery Stories category on Epicreading , where you will find a wide variety of thrilling and suspenseful tales to keep you on the edge of your seat. From classic whodunits to modern crime dramas, our selection of mystery stories has something for every reader.

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The Mysterious Writer

The Mysterious Writer For this day Robert waited so long that now nothing could stop him from reaching his dreams. All he could see is a lot of fame coming to himself in just few...
mystery and romantic stories Life a mere joke

Life, A mere joke

Life, A mere Joke “Come out of your imaginary world, there’s much more life has to offer other than just reading those shitty stupid novels and waiting for these thoughts to become true. I’m telling...

The Prison Cell

She was standing in the living room of her house, tired and frustrated. She had a hectic routine and could not manage things properly. Every chapter of life....

That Horrible Night

It was a Saturday night and Emily was busy attending a party arranged by her Fiancé. After that she called her roommate, Eliza and after trying several times...
Romantic Stories

The Cheater (love stories)

The Cheater Like every other day when Tina got home from work she found Zayn in the kitchen, cooking dinner but today was special as it was their wedding anniversary and he was expecting Tina...