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Welcome to our Mystery Stories category on Epicreading , where you will find a wide variety of thrilling and suspenseful tales to keep you on the edge of your seat. From classic whodunits to modern crime dramas, our selection of mystery stories has something for every reader.

Twisted Drug rehab

Drug rehab Detective Mark Collins leaned back in his worn-out office chair, exhaustion weighing heavily on his shoulders. It had been a long day, and the file sitting in front of him seemed to mock...

Mystery Incorporated

Mystery Incorporated: A Tale of Justice and Redemption As Mystery Incorporated arrived at the drug rehab center, they were greeted by a somber atmosphere. Patients shuffled through the halls, eyes downcast and weary. They had...

 Escape the room (crime story)

Escape the room  A Thrilling Tale of Greed and Betrayal The clock was ticking as the four men sat in the van outside the bank, finalizing their plan, a plan to escape the room. Emotions ran...
Mystery road

The Mysterious Dream (Mystery )

It was a dark and stormy night in the small town of Mill field. The wind howled through the empty streets and the rain pelted against the windows of the homes.

Tales Of The Heart (Mystery)

On his Island, he was the king and well-known for his bravery and commanding nature. He was the head of the mafia and underworld and his journey had many folds which starts from the...

A Wedding Nightmare

The new bride and groom are sitting in a car from Vishalpur in which one is Samira and the other is Akash in a very attractive romantic mood. When the car stops, Akash says come on, my dear, now let’s go to home.
Romantic Short Stories

Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies A girl lived in Turkey. Her name was Sasha. She was about twenty years. She had blue eyes and freckled cheeks. She had beautiful long hair. She was smart and higher. She...
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The Mysterious Writer

The Mysterious Writer For this day Robert waited so long that now nothing could stop him from reaching his dreams. All he could see is a lot of fame coming to himself in just few...
mystery and romantic stories Life a mere joke

Life, A mere joke

Life, A mere Joke “Come out of your imaginary world, there’s much more life has to offer other than just reading those shitty stupid novels and waiting for these thoughts to become true. I’m telling...

The Prison Cell

She was standing in the living room of her house, tired and frustrated. She had a hectic routine and could not manage things properly. Every chapter of life....